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Victoria Adeyinka Tiktok Instagram Pictures: Everything To Know About Victoria Adeyinka Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, Family, Parents, Birthday, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Nationality, State Of Origin, Father, Mother, Height, Ethnicity, Siblings, Brother, Sister, Profile History, Cars, House, Victoria Adeyinka Comedy, Facebook, Twitter, Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Wikipedia, Profile History: Who Is Victoria Adeyinka?
Victoria Adeyinka is a Nigerian, Irish born Tiktok - social media star and content creator who is best known for the comedy skits, videos she posts on her victoriaadeyinkaa TikTok account, Snapchat and on her Instagram page.

Nationality, Citizenship: Victoria Adeyinka is originally from Nigeria but born in Ireland. Victoria Adeyinka is Irish - Nigeria.

Ethnicity: Victoria Adeyinka ethnicity is black, Africa - Nigeria descent.

Is Victoria Adeyinka Irish? Yes, Victoria Adeyinka Irish and a Nigerian. Victoria Adeyinka was born in Drogheda, Ireland.

Country: Victoria Adeyinka country of origin is Nigeria.

Where is Victoria Adeyinka from? Victoria Adeyinka is from Nigeria.

Place Of Birth: Victoria Adeyinka was born in Port Laoise, Ireland.

Where Does Victoria Adeyinka Live?: Victoria Adeyinka lives in Drogheda, an old town in the East Coast of Ireland, with her Nigerian family.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Victoria Adeyinka is Yoruba tribe, hails from one of the South Western Yoruba States in Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Victoria Adeyinka was born on 8 June 2003.

Real Age: Victoria Adeyinka is currently 17 years old as at 2020.

Victoria Adeyinka Famous Birthdays: Victoria Adeyinka has her own Profile page on Famous Birthdays, an online database of celebrity birthdays. 

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Victoria Adeyinka is from a family of 3 children. She grew up with her parents and two brothers in Drogheda, Ireland. Her parents are hugely proud of her success. 

Father, Dad: Victoria Adeyinka father is a Nigerian migrant in Ireland.

Mother, Mom: Victoria Adeyinka mother has featured in a handful of her Tiktok videos.
Photos of Victoria Adeyinka mom

Pictures of Victoria Adeyinka and her mother

Siblings, Brothers: Victoria Adeyinka has two brothers and no sister. She is the only girl/daughter of her parents.

Picture of Victoria Adeyinka brother

Brother, Tom Adeyinka Aka Offica: Victoria Adeyinka's elder brother, Tom Adedayo Adeyinka is a drill rapper, better known as Offica.

Educational Background, Schools Attended: Victoria Adeyinka attended St Oliver’s Community College in Ireland where she was a self-professed class clown. Victoria Adeyinka graduated from high school in 2020.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Victoria Adeyinka married? Victoria Adeyinka is not yet married. She is just a teenager.

Boyfriend: Who is Victoria Adeyinka boyfriend, dating? Victoria Adeyinka doesn't show off her boyfriend on her Tiktok videos or on her Instagram Page.

Tiktok: Victoria Adeyinka Tiktok Profile History, Story, When She Joined Tik Tok - Victoria Adeyinka has 11.1 million+ followers on Tiktok and entertains them with her comedy sketches.

According to Irishtimes, Victoria Adeyinka first downloaded TikTok last November, months after many of her peers and classmates. “For everyone else, TikTok was popping last year in July but I was never on it,” she says. “I didn’t even know what it was. I thought it was cringey. Everyone did.” 

After a few weeks of messing around with it, she decided to dip her toe into the world of content creation. “I was like, ‘Okay, this app looks cool and it’s crazy what it’s doing for other people so let me post some content on it,’” she recalls. In the video, she could be seen dancing with a friend in a classroom to Get Silly, a song by American rapper V.I.C. 

In other words, fairly standard TikTok fare. 

It wasn’t long before she found her voice, however. Adeyinka had never acted or performed before, but discovered she was a natural comic. “People think I’m naturally funny so I made videos to enhance it,” she says. She started posting short comedy sketches in which she lovingly parodied her parents and teachers.

Soon, she found herself getting recognised in school. 

“I remember I was sitting at a table and these girls were staring at me,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘What are you looking at?’ Then I remembered it was probably from TikTok so I said, ‘Hi guys!’ and they were like, “We know you from TikTok!’ and they started pointing at me and telling their teacher.”

Victoria Adeyinka, Nigerian & Ireland’s Most Popular TikTok Celebrity With More TikTok Followers Than A-list Celebs Like Miley Cyrus and Ellen DeGeneres: With over 11 million followers and over 400 million likes, Adeyinka is the most popular TikTok creator in Ireland. She has found fame there even on the streets, and has many times been featured in prime media.

Adeyinka has more followers on TikTok than celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres (6.9 million-plus followers), Cardi B (5.9 million-plus followers), Miley Cyrus (5.8 million-plus followers) and Reese Witherspoon (3.6 million-plus followers). 

Victoria Adeyinka, A Comedian: Victoria Adeyinka posts comedy skits on TikTok and was a “self-professed” class clown in secondary school. She left secondary this year and is still undecided whether to go fully into social influencing, now a money spinner in the West, or pursue another career. She says she has lots of TikTok offers (from brands) and is just taking her time to decide her path.

Memes: Victoria Adeyinka Memes are Funny and made from her various hilarious Tiktok videos and facial expressions.
Victoria Adeyinka meme pictures

Net Worth: Victoria Adeyinka makes money from Tiktok. She is one of the highest earners on Tiktok. Victoria Adeyinka also Makes money as a social media influencer but Victoria Adeyinka's Net Worth is unavailable.

Languages: Victoria Adeyinka speaks English, Yoruba.

Height: How tall is?

Social Media Accounts: Victoria Adeyinka is on Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat.

Instagram: Victoria Adeyinka Instagram page Account Profile Handle victoriaadeyinka_ 

Tiktok: Victoria Adeyinka Tiktok Profile Account Victoria Adeyinka On Tiktok

Snapchat: Victoria Adeyinka Snapchat Account is vickay_xox

Facebook: Victoria Adeyinka Facebook page Account is unavailable. Tiktok Victoria Adeyinka is not on Facebook.

Twitter: Victoria Adeyinka Tiktok is not on Twitter.

YouTube: Victoria Adeyinka YouTube Channel and videos 

Pictures, Photos, Images: Victoria Adeyinka is not used to posting so many pictures, Ig Pics on her Instagram Page.
Victoria Adeyinka pictures, Ig pics

Victoria Adeyinka photos of Tiktok star celebrating her Huge Followers.

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