Ikenna Okereke Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Girlfriend, Family, Real Mother, Instagram Photos

Instagram Pictures: All About Ikenna Okereke Full Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Height, State Of Origin, Date Of Birth, Nollywood Child Actor Ikenna Okereke Recent Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Wikipedia, Profile History: Who Is Ikenna Okereke? Ikenna Okereke is a Nigerian born teenage Nollywood actor who started as a Nollywood child actor.

Nollywood Child Actor: Ikenna Okereke started his acting career as a Nollywood child actor and he has shown his acting prowess in many movies. Ikenna Okereke role in the movie 'Wandering Soul' where Ruth Kadiri was her mother, is quite commendable.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Ikenna Okereke from, which state?

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ikenna Okereke was born on 20 February 2006.

Real Age: How old is 14 years old as at 2020.

Ikenna Okereke will celebrate his 15th birthday in February 2021.

Family, Father, Mother, Biological Parents: Ikenna Okereke is the eldest child of his parents. He has younger sisters and brother. Ikenna Okereke likes to flaunt his family, parents on his Instagram page.

Family photo of Ikenna Okereke with his mum and siblings
Photos of Ikenna Okereke and his family in London

Mother: Ikenna Okereke likes to celebrate his real mom's birthday on his Instagram page.

Pictures of Ikenna Okereke Biological mother

Photos of Ikenna Okereke and his real mother

Father: Meet Ikenna Okereke father (Photo)

Siblings, Brother, Sisters: Ikenna Okereke has a younger brother and younger sisters.

Photos of Ikenna Okereke, his sisters and brother

Photos of Ikenna Okereke and his siblings.

Educational Background, School: Ikenna Okereke is currently in secondary school and hopes to head to the University once he is through with his secondary school education.

Movies: Ikenna Okereke has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Wandering Soul, No Bride For Dad, The CEO's Son, among others.

Recent pictures of Ikenna Okereke

Net Worth: Ikenna Okereke makes money as a Nollywood actor but his Net Worth is unavailable.

Girlfriend: Ikenna Okereke doesn't have a girlfriend yet...

Height: How tall is Ikenna Okereke?

House: Ikenna Okereke lives with his parents in Lagos.

Instagram: Ikenna Okereke Instagram Page Account Profile Handle

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