10 Hot Instagram Pictures Of Chiege Alisigwe, Photos As Actress Celebrates Her Birthday On Instagram

Chiege Alisigwe Instagram Recent Photos, Pictures & Images As She Celebrates Her Birthday, Launches Her Perfume Line

Nollywood star actress, Chiege Alisigwe, has shared beautiful photos to mark her birthday today.

Chiege Alisigwe who was born on 21st November launched her Chiege Alisigwe Collection by @poshscent - New Fragrances - Perfume, on her birthday.
Photo of Chiege Alisigwe and her daughter, Muna Alisigwe

Brother: Chiege Alisigwe And Chionye Alisigwe, her brother, collaborated on her newly launched Perfume for men.

Photo of Chiege Alisigwe and her brother, Chionye Alisigwe.

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