Treasure Obasi And Husband, Johnson Wedding Pictures (Traditional & Court Wedding Photos)
Photos Of Treasure Obasi Johnson And Her Husband: Traditional Marriage & White, Court Wedding Pictures Of Treasure Obasi Johnson & Her Oyinbo British Husband

Photos: Nollywood actress, Treasure Obasi is married to Johnson whom she calls AJ!

Picture of Treasure Obasi and her husband, Brother and mum

Nigerian Nollywood actress, broadcaster, writer and Model, Treasure Obasi, got married to her white/British real Husband in 2019.

Traditional Marriage, Wedding Photos of Treasure Obasi & Johnson AJ, Her Husband: Treasure Obasi Johnson did her traditional wedding in 2019. Her White husband looked cute in traditional Igbo attire.

Wedding Photos of Treasure Obasi and husband, Johnson

Picture of Treasure Obasi and her younger brother at her Traditional wedding
Photo of Treasure Obasi and her mother and kid brother at her wedding.

White, Registry, Court Wedding Pictures: Treasure Obasi and her husband, Mr Johnson, did their court wedding at Ikoyi Registry, Lagos on 14 June 2019.

Sharing Photos from her wedding, the 22-year-old actress, Treasure Obasi wrote:

"And on the 14th of June 2019, God's word came to pass!
Legally married to the one whom I was created for, my soulmate, my best friend, my lover, my cheerleader, my teacher, my AJ.❤❤❤
May God's grace continually uphold us in the vows we have made to each other, and fuel our love for one another now and forever more.
My husband, I love, cherish and respect you with all of me, in my thoughts words and actions and it will be so forevermore so help me God.💕🙏🏽❤

Photo of Treasure Obasi,. Her mother and brother at her Registry - court wedding ceremony

More Photos of Treasure Obasi-Johnson and her oyibo husband

Photo Credit: Treasure Obasi Instagram page treasureobasi 

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