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Who is Timmy K Macnicol?
Timmy K Macnicol is a Nigerian born UK-based Nollywood actress and movie producer.

Timmy K Macnicol is the CEO of Timmy K Films Production Limited.

Timmy K Macnicol has appeared in several Nollywood hits – the award-winning 2008 comedy drama Jenifa, a film by Funke Akindele, and action-packed detective movie 'Who Owns Da City', 'The Kingdom' and 'Blast for Last'. In 'Just One Blood', Timmy K Macnicol played her first lead role in an international Nollywood film as Ebere.

In late 2008 to 2009, Timmy K Macnicol launched Fantasy, a successful showbiz magazine, edited by Uzor Ngoladi, featuring Nollywood and international celebrities.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Timmy K Macnicol from?

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Timmy K Macnicol was born on 14 May.

Real Age: How old is Timmy K Macnicol?

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Timmy K MacNicol, was born into a polygamous family in Nigeria and later adopted by the Hanson family from Ghana. Timmy K MacNicol's parents are dead. She became an orphan at the age of 9.

Marriage, Divorce: Is Timmy K MacNicol still married? No, Timmy K MacNicol was once married but sge is now divorced.
"My marriage became an abuse for years. I also went into depression and was rushed to the hospital,” Timmy K MacNicol recalled about her marriage.

Husband: Timmy K MacNicol was married to an old British, Oyinbo man, she was married to a white grandpa.

Marriage, Health, Sickness, Depression: Timmy K Macnicol revealed she suffered abuse from her husband for seven years before they parted ways.

However, the UK-based Nollywood Actress, Timmy K Macnicol breaks down in tears as she reveals that her marriage has cost her a lifetime illness.

According to her:

"I hate my dad and my mum, even in death I hate them to leave me to go through this pain alone Now I'm going through a marriage that cost me a life time illness and you called yourself a friend out there, have the guts copy everything I do

To my soon to become ex husband You go around to humiliate me, when you have no idea what I've been through, what this marriage have cost me.

My prayer for you is may God not let you fit your legs in my shoes, you unfriendly friend as I make this video I need you to copy it again and sent it to my soon to become ex husband, I do everything I did ,I tried my best.

Marriage is not for everyone, everyone is not lucky maybe I'm one of them but I know that God will pull me through

Yes, I'm on medication but does that give you the right to go about this anyone that wants to hear that I'm on medication and I'm going..."

Suicide Attempt: Timmy K MacNicol attempted to commit suicide because of her marriage experience.

Remarry, Remarries, 2nd Marriage, New Husband: Timmy K MacNicol, speaking on plans to remarry said:

“I don’t think I want to give marriage another chance, because my marriage experience is very bitter. I have been abused and I kept enduring. I want to move on with my career for now, but you never can tell. I might fall in love. And if I would eventually get married again, it would be a man within my age bracket, not an old man, like I did before. Not marry an old man because of money. I married a grandfather."

Pictures of Timmy K Macnicol son, Morgan Macnicol

Child, Children, Son: Timmy K Macnicol has a son named Morgan Macnicol. Her son is also an actor and a model. Timmy K Macnicol's son played a role in 'Just One Blood'.
Photos of Timmy K Macnicol and her son, Morgan Macnicol

Video of Morgan Macnicol, Timmy K Macnicol son

Single Mother: Timmy K Macnicol is a single mom of one. She was once married and divorced now.

Timmy K MacNicol And Regina Daniels: Timmy K MacNicol had slammed Regina Daniels for getting married to an old man, Prince Ned Nwoko.

"Talking about Regina Daniels, I was same age when I got married to an old man (my ex). I don’t think her mother, Rita Daniels influenced her decision. The person that should be blamed is the manipulative husband because this is exactly what happened to me. Old men are always using money and affluence to manipulate young girls and they fall for it. I was a victim too.
Regina fell for the money, I was an orphan and I feel for an old man because of his wealth and affluence. I am still stuck in this, because its hard to pull out.”

Educational Background: Timmy K Macnicol trained as an actor in Ghana in 2007, at the Universal Talent Multimedia Training Institute. She went on to study film and TV acting at Pencils Film and Television Institute (PEFTI) in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008.

Movies: Timmy K Macnicol has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Jenifa (2008) Just One Blood (2018), Crazy Princess, Just One Blood, Who Owns Da City, The Kingdom, Blast for Last, The Chosen Queen, among others.

Net Worth: Timmy K Macnicol makes money as an actress and as a Nollywood movie producer. Timmy K Macnicol also has two part-time jobs that she does in the United Kingdom (UK) to make a living in pounds. However, Timmy K Macnicol's Net Worth is unavailable.
 Photos of Timmy K Macnicol and her car

Throwback photo of Timmy K Macnicol as a tomboy

Role Model & Nollywood Crush: Timmy K Macnicol has a crush on Richard Mofe Damijo and has Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson, Tonto Dikeh as role models. Timmy K Macnicol told The Sun:

"I love RMD. He is my role model. When I was much younger, I used to dream about him a lot. I was so obsessed with him. Everything I did, I thought about him. Every night, I met him in my dreams. He was my dream man. I also like Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Johnson. These ladies are the kind of people I want to work with. But Rita Dominic is the main actress I love and respect. I was told that I look so much like Rita Dominic. It’s not facial resemblance, but body structure and the behind."

Height: How old is Timmy K Macnicol?

 Timmy K Macnicol pictures, images

Hairstyle: Timmy K Macnicol rocks different kinds of Hair styles. She rocks bald, blond and others.

 Timmy K Macnicol photos

Instagram: Timmy K MacNicol Instagram Page Account Profile Handle timmykmacnicol 

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