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Photos On Instagram: Meet Amb. Chuks Chyke Bio, Wikipedia, Profile, Birthday, Wife, Baby Mama Anette Dike, Son, Child, State Of Origin, Family, Parents, Movies, History, Net Worth, Cars, House, Chucks Chyke Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Who is Chucks Chyke?

Chucks Chyke is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, World Ambassador For Peace, Film-maker and Content Provider.

Chucks Chyke had his first major movie break in 2000 when he was discovered by Nollywood's trainers, Mr Ben and Henry Farouk Ike while in a rehearsal for a movie titled 'The Patriot' in Aba.

Full Name: Chukwuemeka Chibuikem Okoroafor

Real Name: Chucks Chyke Real Name is Chukwuemeka Chibuikem Okoroafor

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Chucks Chyke from? Chucks Chyke hails from Abia State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Chucks Chyke was born on 3 July 1980.

Age; How old is Chucks Chyke? Chucks Chyke is currently 40 years old as at 2020.

Childhood Throwback photo of Chuks Chyke

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: photos of Chucks Chyke mother 

Marriage, Wife: Is Chucks Chyke married? Chucks Chyke said he is married, that was what his baby mama said he told him. But his baby mama said she found out that Chucks Chyke is not yet married.

Child, Children, Son: Chucks Chyke has a son with his Baby Mama, Anette Dike. 

Photo of Chucks Chyke and Anette Dike son (Throwback photo taken in November 2016

Girlfriend: Chucks Chyke had Anette Dike as his girlfriend

Educational Background: Chucks Chyke is a graduate of Economics from the University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria and also has a Diploma in Acting.

Movies: Chucks Chyke has featured in the following Nollywood movies and TV series, Where Lovers Meet, Bolaji, Weakness, My Lady, All My Idea, Grey, Strive, Broken, The Patriots, Breaking Secrets, Okoro ima nmi, The Kings Blood, Passion of the King, Soccer, When Love Dies, Spider, The Kingdom, Blueflames, Learning Curves, Covert Operations, As Crazy As It Gets, Silent Prejudice, among others.

Photos of Chucks Chyke

Net Worth: Chucks Chyke makes money as a Nollywood actor but his net worth is unavailable.

Tattoo: Chucks Chyke has his body, arm tattooed.

Height: How tall is Chucks Chyke?

Instagram: Chucks Chyke Instagram Page Account Profile Handle realchuckschyke

Baby Mama, Anette Dike: Chucks Chyke Called Out For Abandoning His Baby Mama And Son (2016)

Nollywood actor, Chucks Chyke Okoroafor was called out for allegedly promising a lady, Annette Marriage and taking off after impregnating her.

Anette Dike, Chucks Chyke baby mama reached out to Stella Dimoko Korkus blog in 2016 and wrote:

''Good Day Stella, My name is Anette Dike. I am the lady who called you recently on the phone to tell you about my story. I am from Abia state, I was impregnated by an upcoming actor by name CHUCKS CHYKE OKOROAFOR who promised me marriage and then abandoned me when i became pregnant for him.

I was in a relationship with him for 4years,I have a son for him and his name is JESSE who is 1year 3months old now.Chucks never appeared to see his son even up till now ,and due to my child birth I fell terribly sick that resulted to M.S (Multiple sceroris) which made me paralyzed for months on the wheel chair moving from one hospital to another,and the cause of this sickness was due to stress of abandonment and childbearing.

Chucks made my life miserable, caused me frustration, depression, reproach, shame and pain. I almost dropped out of school because of this shame.I even have an extra year in school, this sickness was so terrible that I had constant shock on my hands and my hands where shaking and I couldn't do anything with my hands neither stand nor walk,a part of my veins were damaged and it was traced to my brain which almost caused me brain damage. 

I was all alone in this until he called saying he was coming to see us.

So i thought it was for better unknown to me that he was coming to cause more damage in my life by telling me that he is married but I confirmed that he wasn't and just said it to scare me off.

Chucks is a wicked soul and even his parents are not aware of this.I've been alone suffering with my son,my mother chased me out,and i have no where to stay and no one to help.

I am using this medium to call him out to come and accept responsibility for his son, that's all i ask''."

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