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Instagram Pictures: About Dr Tommy Daniel Bio, Wikipedia, Wedding, Girlfriend, Net, Worth, Height, State Of Origin, Wife, Parents, Father, Susters, BBNaija, Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel Profile History, Family, Everything To Know About Doctor Badmus Tommy Daniel, Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Who is Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel?
Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel is a Nigerian born Medical Doctor - gynecologist, Member of Board certified physician and a Motivational speaker and Entrepreneur.

Handsome: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel is often referred to as 'the most handsome Gynecologist'.

Dr Tommy Daniel handsome pictures trended years back on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and made ladies to wish he were their Doctor.

Hole In Heart: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel had a hole in his heart but was healed. This he revealed in his birthday post.

Full Name: Badmus Tommy Daniel is popularly known as Dr Tommy Daniel.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel from? Dr Tommy Daniel is Yoruba who hails from Ondo State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel was born on 31 January...

Age: How old is Dr Tommy Daniel?

Family, Parents, Mother, Father: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel is the last born of his family and the only son of his parents. 

Father: Dr. Tommy Daniel father is also a medical doctor.
Photo of Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel and his father

Mother: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel mother is dead.

Siblings, Sisters: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel has elder sisters and he is the only son of the family.

Photos of Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel Sisters

Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel Tribute To His Eldest Sister

Few years back when I lost my mum and things got really difficult for me, i struggled financially that I couldn’t even afford three square meal ... I remember vividly how my eldest sister sent the money meant to stock up her store, just so I could pay my tuition fees and graduate from medical school. .😥 Despite all my sisters having their own children and family responsibilities, they still supported me in their own little ways.  Fast forward to the present, I’m very happy to pick the phone up and called my eldest sister who has never travelled outside Nigeria to pack her things, sent her ticket and told her we are spending Christmas in Dubai 🇦🇪 with all expenses on me ☺️ ... I don’t know if I can repay everyone who has contributed to my growth... BUT I JUST WANT TO SAY “THANK YOU”  TO MY FRIENDS & Family WHO BELIEVED IN ME AND STILL SUPPORTING ME ❤️🙏🏾 ... May God reward y’all 🙏🏾 ... And I pray for everyone going through tough times, people who wish to help others or do more for their family but can’t, may God visit you and bless you abundantly, 🙏🏾 ❤️ _ 
_M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S S 🎄

Fiancee, Girlfriend: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel is dating Ifeoluwa Luscious Bee, his girlfriend and fiancee.

Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel And Vera Sidika: Kenyan, Vera Sidika has been flirting with Nigerian doctor Badmus Tommy Daniel on Instagram for sometime now and even referring to him using cute pet names.

Wedding, Marrage, Wife: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel is not yet Married but he is engaged to be married to his fiancee.

Tattoo: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel likes tattoos. He has his body, chest tattooed.

Height: How tall is Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel?
House, Car: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel photos

Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel pictures, images, Ig Pics

Pictures of Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel

Educational Background, Schools Attended: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel is a graduate of Medicine, majoring in Gynecology. Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel attended a medical school abroad.

Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel Throwback photo 10 years challenge as a medical student vs as a Medical Doctor.

Net Worth: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel makes money as a gynecologist and Entrepreneur but Dr Tommy Daniel's net worth is unavailable.

Gym, Fitness, Muscle, Abs: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel likes to workout at the gym to keep fit.

Photos of Dr Tommy Daniel at the gym, 6 pack abs, workout

Instagram: Dr Badmus Tommy Daniel Instagram Page Account Profile Handle doctor_e31

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