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Instagram Pictures: Meet Chuka Okafor aka Therealchuka Comedy, Bio, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Birthday, Parents, Family, Comedian, Nollywood Actor, Net Worth, Movies, Age, Married, Wife, Height, Eyes: Everything To Know About Chuka Okafor Therealchuka Profile History, Photos, Images, Ig Pics, Videos, House, Cars

Who is Chuka Okafor aka Therealchuka?

Chuka Okafor also known as Therealchuka is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, Instagram comedian, brand influencer and content creator who started by making skits on Instagram and YouTube before going into acting.

Chuka Okafor Therealchuka is active on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter.

Chuka Okafor Therealchuka is also a model who did Sterling Bank OneBank App advert.

Full Name: Chukwuka Stanislous Okafor

Real Name: therealchuka Real name is Chukwuka Okafor

Nickname: Therealchuka, StanChukwuka, Stepsbystan

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Chuka Okafor 'Therealchuka' from? Chuka Okafor hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Chuka Okafor Photos, pictures

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Chuka Okafor was born on 9 July.

Age: How old is Chuka Okafor Therealchuka?

Throwback photo of Chuka Okafor

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka doesn't show off his family on his Instagram page.

Educational Background: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka studied Sociology at the University. He refers to himself as a sociologist.

Wedding, Marriage, Wife: Is Chuka Okafor Therealchuka married? Chuka Okafor is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his relationship or fiancee on his Instagram page.

Girlfriend: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka is dating a beautiful lady but Chuka Okafor doesn't like to show off his girlfriend or fiancee on his Instagram or Facebook pages.

Photo of Chuka Okafor and Georgena Ibeh

Movie: Chuka Okafor has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Blood Brothers, Bubbles, A Little Lie, Royal Quest, among others.

Net Worth: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka makes money from comedy, acting, brand promotion and as an entrepreneur and CEO of Stepsbystan but Chuka Okafor's net worth is unavailable.

Eyes: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka eye Colour is hazel

Favourite Colours: Black, red

Height: How tall is Chuka Okafor Therealchuka?

Pictures of Chuka Okafor Therealchuka
Photos of Chuka Okafor Therealchuka

Beard Gang: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka is keeps bear

Complexion: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka is lightskinned.

Jidenna Lookalike: Some think that Chuka Okafor Therealchuka and Jidenna look alike.

Stepsbystan, Fashion, Style: Chuka Okafor Therealchuka likes fashion and he is the CEO of Stepsbystan - Unique footwear's For males and Females.

Dancing video of Chuka Okafor Therealchuka

Instagram Chuka Okafor Therealchuka Instagram Page Account Profile Handle therealchuka 








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