TC Okafor: 20 Body Tattoo Pictures, Height, Hairstyle Of TC Virus, Nollywood Actor

20 Tattooed Photos Of TC Okafor Aka TC Virus, Hairstyle, Height, Nollywood Actor (Images, Pictures, Ig Pics)

TC Okafor is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor and singer, who is also known as TC Virus.

Nigerian actor and artiste, TC Virus is the CEO of SK Team Kila Squared Inc. 

Love For Tattoos: Nollywood actor TC Okafor is a lover of Tattoos on his body. TC Okafor has many tattoos on his body, chest, leg, arms, hands. 

TC Okafor rocks TC Virus Tattoo on his arm and Cross tattoos on his chest amongst others.

Hairstyle: TC Okafor likes to rock weird, coloured hair styles.

Height: How tall is TC Okafor Aka TC Virus? TC Okafor is over 6 ft tall.

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