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Who Is Jane Obi?
Jane Obi is a beautiful Nigerian born Nollywood actress and model who has featured in many Nollywood movies.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Jane Obi from? Jane Obi hails from Uga in Anambra State but was born in Enugu

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Jane Obi was born on 26 February.

Age: How Old is Jane Obi?

School, Education: Jane Obi is a law undergraduate.

Movies: Jane Obi has featured in some Nollywood movies with top actors and actresses. Such movies include: My Love, My Life, The Visitor, Ikemefuna, The Revenge Of Labista, Loving in Pain, Heart Ripper, Enemies Must Bow, Egg of Freedom, Dusted Crown, The Money Or The Baby? and Woman of Truth among others.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Jane Obi married? Nollywood actress Jane Obi is not yet married.

Boyfriend, Fiance: Jane Obi doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiancé on her instagram page but likes to keep her relationship private.

Net Worth: Jane Obi makes money from acting and modelling but her net Worth is unavailable.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: Jane Obi father is late while the mother who was a teacher is alive and used to be strict on her to make her live a better life.

How mum protected my virginity - Jane Obi, actress told The Sun 

"Growing up was tough. I juggled between my village, Uga in Anambra State and the city of Enugu where I was born. My parents were average; they offered me the little they could afford. My father, may his soul rest in peace, was tender and loving. My mum, a teacher, was at that time a disciplinarian. She kept hammering that I must live an exemplary life and get married as a virgin. In fact, I remember my mum disciplining me as a teenager because I went out with a guy. It really hurt me but the beautiful thing is that the experience humbled me and made me focus on my education. After that incident, I never looked at or talked to a boy again till I finished school."

On challenges as a green horn:

"There were lots of challenges. But the one that stuck out most was after attending auditions you go home and wait to be called for the job, only for you to wake up one morning to see the movie is a wrap on social media."

On How she landed her first role in Nollywood, Jane Obi told The Sun:

"One day, after attending an audition, I got a call from the late Ifeanyi Udokwu to come to the museum in Enugu for a movie directed by Tchidi Chikere. I got there to see actors were being cast. I was quite scared and I stayed far away. But he called me out and asked if I had featured in a movie before. I said ‘yes’, mentioning

a movie that never existed because I was scared he might ask me to go home because I felt he was looking for established actors and not wannabes like me. Luckily, he bought that and gave me a role in the movie. It was entitled ‘The Unforkables’. I acted alongside Nkem Owoh and Nuella Njubigbo among others. I delivered well and he gave me another role in ‘Bachelors Heart’ where I acted alongside Kenneth Okonkwo. Since then, I have never looked back."

On relationship status:

"It’s complicated and I want to keep that aspect of my life private."

On how her family reacted when she went into acting:

"It was a no-no for my mum. She thought actors were promiscuous. Even, one of my relations told me that such career was ‘not our thing’. So, they thought I was just wasting my time but I never gave up. Now, I can see and feel the joy on my mum’s face whenever she is watching my movie or whenever someone tells her that her daughter is doing real good in movies. And guess what, my relations like to associate with me now."

Instagram: Jane Obi Instagram Page Account Profile Handle meetjaneobi 

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