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Meet Mercy Isoyip Descushiel, Bio, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Birthday, Pictures, Instagram, Net Worth, Movies, Pics, Song, Married, Photos, Family, Parents, Father, Mother. Who Is Mercy Isoyip? Who Is Descushiel? Facts About Descushiel Mercy Isoyip, History, Height

Who Is Mercy Isoyip Descushiel?
Mercy Isoyip aka Descushiel is Nigerian singer, rapper, Nollywood actress and songwriter who is  based in Atlanta, USA.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip was born on 10 July...
How Old Is Mercy Isoyip?

State Of Origin: Where is Mercy Isoyip from?
Descushiel Mercy Isoyip from Calabar in Cross River State, South-South part of Nigeria.

Net Worth: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip net Worth is unavailable but she makes money from acting and music. Descushiel Mercy Isoyip is one of the richest fast rising Nigerian musicians abroad.

Marriage, Wedding, Boyfriend, Husband: Is Mercy Isoyip married? Descushiel Mercy Isoyip is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiance on her instagram page or Twitter.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Mercy Isoyip Descushiel father was a disc jockey in his youthful days and he had a big turntable in the house, which he played a lot which influenced her choice of music.

Descushiel Mercy Isoyip mother is a Reverend in the church. Descushiel parents support her career. But initially, her reverend mother frowned at it. She later came around and is one of her biggest supporters now.

Meet Mercy Isoyip Descushiel father and siblings - sisters, family.

Education, Schools: Mercy Isoyip Descushiel attended Command Children School, Calabar for her primary education. She then went to Zenith High School, also in Calabar, for her secondary education. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Calabar in Cross River State. Mercy Isoyip Descushiel later moved to the United States to obtain a second degree in acting. Mercy Isoyip Descushiel is a graduate of New York Film Academy.

Singing In Choir: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip started singing in church choir at an early age in life.

Music: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip is a rapper and singer and has always loved music from an early age, she started singing in the church choir. For the rap aspect of her music, she is really poetic. She writes a lot; so, that led her to rap music.

Descushiel has 4 mix tapes and two singles titled, Thirsty and Descushiel.

Songs:  Descushiel Mercy Isoyip songs include, Pay Back (2019) Telegram (2018) Thirsty (2018). Others include, Hallelujah, Emergency, Descushiel.

First Song: What Is Descushiel's first song?
The first song Descushiel released was titled, Telegram, and it launched her music career.

Journey As A Nollywood Actress: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip started acting in school and church. Mercy Isoyip shot her first movie in Calabar but she started acting professionally in 2016 after she graduated from the New York Film Academy.

Movies: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Paige, Washerman, The Graduate, Neighbours, Once Upon A Couple, Saving Grace, Evil Lover, among others.
Descushiel Mercy Isoyip and Tony Umez on set of Peige. When this picture went viral sometime ago, people mistook Mercy Isoyip for Tony Umez daughter.

Orange Drug Model: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip modelled for Delta Soap.

Role Models: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip ultimate role model are God and her mother. She Also admires an American rapper called Tsu Surf. He inspires her rap.

Plastic Surgery: Did Descushiel Mercy Isoyip do plastic surgery?
Descushiel Mercy Isoyip has not done plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Descushiel Mercy Isoyip told PUNCH that her  favourite part of her body is her face but that she may be open to doing plastic surgery in the future.

Most Prized Material Possession, Land: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip's my most prized material possession is a landed property.

Hobbies: Mercy Isoyip Descushiel likes to watch movies, travelling and cooking. To relax, she loves to go on vacation with her family.

Flavour 'Nnekata' Video Vixen: Mercy Isoyip Descushiel was Flavour's girlfriend in his 'Nnekata' music video.

Instagram: Descushiel Mercy Isoyip Profile Account Page Handle descushiel 
Rapper | Songwriter | Actress | Entertainer | Jesus Follower | NYFA alumni | RapQueen | Accountant | Management Phone Number +2348036857189 |

Mercy Isoyip Descushiel Donald Duke,  former Cross State Governor 

Mercy Isoyip Descushiel and Bolanle Ninalowo on set

Mercy Isoyip Descushiel and Peter Okoye

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 Descushiel Mercy Isoyip with Don Jazzy

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