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Pictures: Meet Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls, Bio, Instagram, Wikipedia, Birthday, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Songs, Net Worth, Parents, Father, Mother, Pictures, Photos, Images, IG Pics, Brothers, Wilfred Utere (Rave_TLS) of Cadilly Entertainment Biography, Profile

Who Is Wilfred Utere? Who is Rave Tls?
Wilfred Utere popularly known as Rave Tls is a Nigerian born singer, dancer and choreographer who is an Entertainer at Cadilly Entertainment.

RAVE A.K.A Wilfred Utere is Maltina Dance All Season 8 Champion, the Utere family.

Rave, whose real name is “Wilfred Utere” is a fast rising pop sensation signed with CADILLY Entertainment and originates from the South South Geo political zone of Nigeria.

Real Name: RAVE real name is Wilfred Utere.
What is Rave Tls real name?
Rave Tls real name is Wilfred Utere.

Nickname: Rave aka Chocolatie boi

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls was born on 1st October 1994.

Age: How old is Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls? Wilfred Utere Rave Tls is 26 years as at October 2020 when Rave Tls will celebrate his 26th birthday.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Rave Tls from? Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls hails from Ikot Abasi in Akwa Ibom state.

YouTube: Rave YouTube is Chocolatie Nation.

Maltina Dance All’ Season 8 in 2014: Wilfred Utere aka Rave is best known for winning the national dance competition ‘Maltina Dance All’ Season 8 in 2014, Rave is quickly making his mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Rave with his younger brother, Newton Utere 

Family, Brothers: Rave who come from an artistic home and is the third son in a family of six children. He is following in the musical footprints of his elder brothers: LERIQ who is presently a producer for Aristokrat Records and Ed iZycs, label mate and a jazz musician/video director.

Parents, Father, Mother: Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls father, Isaac Utere is a father of many talents; he hails from Ikot Abasi in Akwa Ibom state, but resides in Port Harcourt where he and his family under the name Media Works have been doing exploits, affecting lives while earning several recognitions and awards.
Family picture of Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls.

Role Model: Inspired by his ido Michael Jackson, Rave started as a dancer but has gradually evolved into a seasoned choreographer. He has starred in a variety of high profile music videos and carried out outstanding performances at several musical concerts around the country.

Rave is already developing a strong online presence, and is working towards introducing pop music as a genre that people will grow to know and love in Africa.

He hopes that through his music people will find the courage to be unique and creative as he seeks to become an international brand in the near future.

The Lit Studios (TLS): Wilfred Utere Aka Rave owns his own dance studio called TLS.

Net Worth: Rave Tls owns his own dance studio And makes money from other sources but his net worth is unavailable.

Occupation: *A DANCER

Rave Tls Phone Number CONTACT ME ON:

Instagram: Wilfred Utere Rave Tls Instagram Page Account Profile Handle rave_tls

Wedding, Marriage, Wife: Is Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls married?
Wilfred Utere Aka Rave is not married yet.

Girlfriend: Who is Wilfred Utere 'Rave Tls' girlfriend? Rave Tls doesn't flaunt his relationship or girlfriend on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tattoo: Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls likes tattoos, has his hand tattooed.

Height: Wilfred Utere Rave Tls is tall

Eyes: Rave Tls rocks hazel eyes

Hairstyle: Wilfred Utere Rave Tls Rocks dreads, low cut and Afro, braids - different hairstyles

Wilfred Utere Aka Rave Tls
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