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Meet Henry Newton Utere, Bio, Wikipedia, Instagram Pictures, Net Worth, Birthday, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Height, Hair, Girlfriend, Age, Images Photos, State Of Origin, Brothers

Who is Newton Utere?
Newton Utere is a young Nigerian born Instagram, brand Influencer, basketball player and model who is popular on Nigerian social media - Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter.

Newton Utere has worked with well known brands such as Chivita, MTN, The keepers of the wardrobe, Guinness and more. Newton Utere has indeed made a name for himself even as a teenager which took him hard work.

Full Name: Henry Newton Utere

Nickname: Newton of Lagos NewtonOfLagos

Date Of Birth, Birthday: When was Newton Utere born? Newton Utere was born on 31 July 2000.

Age: How old is Newton Utere?
Newton Utere is 20 years old as at 2020. Newton Utere celebrated his 20th birthday in July 2020.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Newton Utere? Newton Utere hails from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and based in Lagos.

Basketball: Newton Utere is a basketball player who aspires to play basketball in the NBA one day.

Hairstyles: Newton Utere rocks dreads, dreadlocks.

Marriage, Girlfriend, Wife: is Newton Utere married? Who is Newton Utere girlfriend?
Newton Utere is not married but has a beautiful girlfriend he is dating and in a relationship with.

Newton Utere and Susan Pwajok pictured together

Height: How tall is Newton Utere? Newton Utere is average

Net Worth: Newton Utere Net Worth is about $150 US Dollars.

Newton Utere Source of Income, Salary: Newton Utere makes money even as a very young guy. He started making money as a Nigerian teenage influencer. Newton Utere has worked with well known brands such as Chivita, MTN, The keepers of the wardrobe, Guinness and more.

Just Solomon And Newton Utere Gay Boyfriend Allegedly: Newton Utere is a friend to Mike Solomon aka Just Solomon who was accused of being gay on Twitter. Just Solomon later denied the gay allegations made against him by his friends.

Instagram: Newton Utere Instagram Page Account Profile Handle
Instagram: H.E.N.R.Y N.E.W.T.O.N UT.E.R.E
Commercial model | Creator
Social media influencer| Promoter
Editor| Basketball player
No FaceBook Account❌ | Leo 🦁
House, Cars: Newton Utere car...

Utere family won Maltina Dance All 8 (2014)

The family of Mr. Isaac Utere won the just  Maltina Dance All Season 8 in 2014.

Newton Utere Father, Isaac Utere: The Utere family is known to be made up of talents, it is from their stock that Leriq (Burna Boy's Producer) is made of, same with multi talented multi instrumentalists and cinematographer-Eddie Isaacs, and now, leading the family to victory is Rave & Ray- extraordinary dancers.

Mr. Isaac Utere is a father of many talents; he hails from Ikot Abasi in Akwa Ibom state, but resides in Port Harcourt where he and his family under the name Media Works have been doing exploits, affecting lives while earning several recognitions and awards.

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