Jarrell Hargraves: Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci Biography, Age, Gay Fiancé, Height, Net Worth
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Who Is Jarrell Gucci?
Who is Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci?
Who is Jarrell Mizrahi?
Who is Jarrell Hargraves?

Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci whose real name is Jarrell Hargraves is an American Hollywood local actor, model, dancer, singer and songwriter.

Jarrell Hargraves aka Gorgeous Jarrell Gucci is an actor known for Legendary (2020). ... Legendary Self / Gorgeous Gucci / Gorgeous Gucci / Self - Gorgeous.

Gorgeous Jarrell Gucci is the father of the House of Gucci in season one of Legendary. The House members that he is responsible for are Delicious Gucci, Deshon Gucci, Jeter Gucci, and Miracle Gucci.

Jarrell Gucci joined the ballroom scene in 2010, and during that time he describes himself as very confident and somewhat arrogant.

Real Name: Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci real name is Jarrell Hargraves

Ethnicity, Tribe, Nationality: Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci is African American.

Other names, Nicknames: Jarrell Hargraves is also known as:
Jarrell Mizrahi
Jarrell Gucci
Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci
Gorgeous Jarrell Gucci

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Jarrell Hargraves aka Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci was born on 6 February 1987.

Age: How old is Jarrell Hargraves "Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci"?Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci is 33 years old. Jarrell Hargraves celebrated his 33rd birthday on February 6, 2020.

Tattoo: Jarrell Hargraves aka Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci is heavily tattooed on his body.
Gym, Fitness, Workout, 6 Pack Abs: Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci works out at gym to keep fit.

Height: Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci Height is tall.

Marriage, Wedding, Fiancee, Wife: Is Jarrell Hargraves aka Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci married?
Jarrell Hargraves "Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci" is not yet married to any woman or man.

Bisexual, Gay: Is Jarrell Hargraves aka Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci? Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci is gay.

Husband, Fiancé, Boyfriend: Who is Jarrell Gucci boyfriend, husband? Jarrell Hargraves aka Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci boyfriend or fiance is Alejandro as at 2018.

Net Worth: Jarrell Hargraves aka Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci making money via multiple sources of income but Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci net worth is unavailable.

Family, Sister, Parents, Mother, Father: Jarrell Hargraves aka Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci said that his mother is a six-foot tall butch lesbian, and although his mother is very much his mother, she is also a best-friend. He has a good relationship with his mother, and wants to parent his kids the same way his mother raised him.

Gorgeous Jarrell Gucci Jarrell Hargraves with his sister Nyesha Hargraves

Instagram: Gorgeous Jarrell Gucci Jarrell Hargraves Instagram Account Page Profile Handle j_ondarox

Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci
✨Star of HBOmax’s Legendary✨
Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci
Singer/Songwriter - J.Larom 🎶
God 🙏🏽
Music 🎵
Love ❤️
Advocate 4 All 🗣

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