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Meet Evan Okoro aka Doctor Maria, Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Movies, Family, Married, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Sister, YouTube, Parents, Husband, Instagram Pictures, Photos, Images

Who is Evan Okoro?
Evan Okoro is a Nigerian Nollywood actress, movie producer, writer and comedian who is known as Doctor Maria.

Nickname: Evan Okoro aka Doctor Maria

State Of Origin: Where is Evan Okoro from?

Evan Okoro is from Imo State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Evan Okoro was born on 4 December.
How old is Evan Okoro?

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Sister: Evan Okoro doesn't flaunt her family on her instagram page.

Marriage, Husband: Is Evan Okoro married? 
Evan Okoro is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiance on her instagram page.

Net Worth: Evan Okoro makes money as an actress, movie producer and from YouTube but her net Worth is unavailable.

Movies: Evan Okoro has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Last Wish, Royal Darkness, Home Breaker, Cross Of Love, American Chikito, Holland My Birthright, My Promise (2005 Film), Nwa Eze Ndi-Ala, My Black Veil Blood Sister, Akunna, Old Ladies among others. 

YouTube Channel, Evan Okoro TV: Evan Okoro has a Youtube channel which she created in 2017.

Instagram: Evan Okoro Instagram Page Account Profile Handle evanokoroofficial
Doctor Maria
actor/movie producer/writer/comedian
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