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Who is Diana Eneje?
Diana Eneje is a Nigerian born model, actress and social media influencer who is quite popular on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Twitter.

On Diana Eneje's 17th birthday, She launched her hair gel collection with The Shine Cartel and has been retailing her signature hair gel on her social media platforms.

At the age of 15, Diana Eneje started up a foundation where teenagers come together to give to orphanages, showing them love and sharing whatever the foundation puts together.

Diana Eneje has had the mileage to work with a number of high-end brands ranging from lifestyle to beauty brands such as Nivea and Zaron cosmetics on their campaigns and many others in the light of her modelling and influencing career.

Diana Eneje proves to be a fast-rising star to look out for as she keeps breaking the barriers faced by teenagers exploring great heights in the Nigerian social, commercial and entertainment industry.

Full Name: Diana Chioma Eneje

Diana Eneje's name was derived from an old Indo-European root meaning “heavenly, divine”.

Place Of Birth: Diana Eneje was born on August 19, 2002, in Lagos Nigeria.

Home Town, Tribe Diana Eneje, State Of Origin: Where is Diana Eneje from? Diana Eneje is Igbo by Tribe from South East, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: When was Diana Eneje born? Diana Eneje was born on 19 August 2002.

Real Age: How old is Diana Eneje?
Diana Eneje is 17 years old now. Diana Eneje will celebrate her 18th birthday on August 19th 2020.

Family, Sisters, Siblings: Diana Eneje is the 3rd child of her parents, Linda and Kingsley Eneje. She has two older siblings, Jennifer Eneje and Doris Eneje).

Where does Diana Eneje live? Diana Eneje lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her family, parents and siblings.

Parents, Father, Mother: Diana Eneje parents are Linda Eneje and Kingsley Eneje and they are both from Nigeria.
Mother: Who is Diana Eneje mother? Diana Eneje's mum name is Linda Eneje
Father: Who is Diana Eneje father? Diana Eneje dad name is Kingsley Eneje.

Meet Diana Eneje mother

Diana Eneje Siblings, Brother, Sisters:
Diana Eneje has two older siblings. The names of Diana Eneje elder sisters are:
-Jennifer Eneje
-Doris Eneje

Diana Eneje School, Education, University: Is Diana Eneje in university? Diana Eneje grew up and attended her primary and secondary education in Nigeria and was popularly known for engaging in speech activities such as debates and public speaking based on her charisma and eloquence, she won multiple awards and medals from debate and speech competitions where she represented her school. She also became the head girl of her secondary school based on merit and academic excellence.

Diana Eneje Graduated from Secondary school, Early Height College, in July 2018

Modelling, Model: Diana Eneje started her career in modeling as a teen model when she was 14 years old, before gaining prominence as a social media influencer and an actress.
Currently, with her fashion experience, she doubles as a model and a fashion curator/stylist and has worked with numerous brands on events and product campaign shoots nationally and internationally.

Awards: Nigerian Teens Choice Most Influencial / Fashionable Female Awardee

NTCA 2018
Choice Most Influential Personality (Female)

Choice Most Influential Personality (Female). Eneje Diana (541 Votes) - Winner

On the 8th of August 2017, Diana Eneje was nominated under the Nigerian Teens Choice Awards most Fashionable female category and won this award to her name as her first award while she was still 14 years old and this stirred a social media stimulation and left people in awe as it was the first time a 14-year-old gained such traction and achievement in the fashion industry in Nigeria.

In 2018, Diana Eneje was nominated and awarded for the second time under the Nigerian Teens Choice Awards most Influential Female Personality.

Video Vixen: Diana Eneje is also a video vixen. Diana Eneje was featured as a video vixen in Rema's 'Dumebi' music video.

Diana Eneje And Rema 'Dumebi': On the 21st of May 2019, Diana featured as the lead role in the musical video of the popular young age musician, Rema, in his music video ‘Dumebi’ which is currently an award-winning video on music platforms worldwide. She also featured in the “befreetocreate” campaign for hp pavilion 360x laptop with Rema.

Is Diana Eneje Rema's Girlfriend? Diana Eneje And Rema never openly dated unless they dated secretly. It's not clear if Diana Eneje is Rema's girlfriend.

Diana Eneje Body Measurement, Height: How tall is Diana Eneje? Diana Eneje is average in height.

Diana Eneje Net Worth: What is Diana Eneje net Worth? Diana Eneje net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars. Diana Eneje makes money from modeling, as video vixen, social media and brand influencer and from acting. Diana Eneje is one of the highest paid teenagers in Nigeria. Diana Eneje's 2020, 2021 net Worth estimated at $200,000 US Dollars.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Diana Eneje married? Diana Eneje is not yet married and doesn't have a fiance yet because she's still a teenager, just about 18 years old.

Boyfriend: Who is Diana Eneje boyfriend? Who is Diana Eneje dating? Diana Eneje has not revealed who her boyfriend is or who she is dating.
Is Rema Diana Eneje's boyfriend? Rema has not publicly admitted to dating Diana Eneje.

Nollywood Actress: Diana Eneje is set to take Nollywood by storm as a beautiful teenage Nigerian actress. Diana Eneje has featured in only a couple of movies.

Movies: Diana Eneje Nollywood movies will be updated later.

Instagram: Diana Eneje Instagram Page Account Profile Handle diana_eneje 

Instagram DM: Diana Eneje reveals that her DM is filled with men, boys and girls showing interest in her and appreciating her.

Interview: Diana Eneje Interview is below. Watch Diana Eneje interview with Popsicles below

Most Embarrassing Moment: Diana Eneje reveals her most Embarrassing moment in an interview with Popsicles.

Diana Eneje talks about her influencer career and her most embarrassing moment. Watch full video interview below:

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