Purfcie Conna Biography, Age, Husband: 18 Hot Instagram Photos, Virgin, Movies, Meet Ghanaian Actress

Facts About Purfcie Conna, Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Tattoo, Boobs, Virginity, Movies, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Boyfriend, How Old Is Purfcie Conna? Instagram Photos, Meet Purfcie Conna Ghanaian Actress

Who Is Purfcie Conna?
Purfcie Conna is a busty plus-sized Ghanaian actress who is famous for flaunting her boobs on her Instagram Account.

Describing herself, the Ghanaian actress said: "My Name is Purfcie Conna, a student, marketing executive, entrepreneur, up coming actress and a graphics designer."

Real Name: Purfcie Conna

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Purfcie Conna was born on 18 November.
How old is Purfcie Conna?

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Purfcie Conna is the fourth born of her parents.

Marriage, Husband, Children: Is Purfcie Conna married?
Purfcie Conna is not married yet. Purfcie Conna is single with no child. Purfcie Conna told The Sun that her mother and father are pressuring her to get married and do her wedding.

Boyfriend: Purfcie Conna doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or relationship on her instagram page.

Journey To Acting, Ghollywood: On how Purfcie Conna started acting, she told blogger Micheal Irabor in an interview":

"Way back after my Senior Secondary School, I  featured in Crime to Christ by Venus Production. I was in a club section. Right after that I had to school in the western region of Ghana, that is Takoradi. Name of School is Takoradi Polytechnic,  now Takoradi University. So I had to stop everything and concentrate on my education. All because I lived in Accra and  that’s where all this movies take place.
So after my Polytecnic, l had to do my national service and worked as well. So there was no time for such. I later had to school again, which was in the Ghana Institute Of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). I was eventually featured in an award music video last year (2017) and this year (2018) I was introduced into movies again. I think I will like to take it seriously this time around."

Movies: Purfcie Conna has featured in a few Ghana movies and TV Series such S Back To School, among others.

Nollywood Movies: Purfcie Conna reveals she has not featured in any Nollywood movie. But hopefully Purfcie Conna will soon feature in Nigerian movies. "I have not been featured on any Nigerian movie, though I have been getting proposals. Pete Edochie, Ramsey Nouah and Ayo Makun are my favourite Nigerian actors. But I don’t have a crush on any of them; I love them generally.” She told The Sun.

Role Models: Purfcie Conna role models include, Oprah Winfrey, Peace Hyde, Genevieve Nnaji.

Size, Height: Purfcie Conna is curvy, a bit on the big, plus-size.

Hips, Boobs: Purfcie Conna is well endowed in both front and back and doesn't hesitate to flaunt them on her Instagram page.

Body Secret: Purfcie Conna said "About my body, it's all real, I diet and trained to gain all that. I use waist trainers most time to get my tummy flat and tiny. I  also sell waist trainers and flat tummy tea."

Tattoo: Purfcie Conna likes tattoos. Purfcie Conna tattooed her chest.

Virginity, Virgin: Purfcie Conna claims she is a virgin.
“My parents are always pressurizing me over marriage. They are always ringing that in my ears. But I am not in any serious relationship at the moment. Though, I’m still a virgin and yet to experience s.  e. x, money turns me on."

Nationality: Where is Purfcie Conna from?
Purfcie Conna is from Ghana.

Net Worth: Purfcie Conna is still an upcoming actress and hasn't made much from the movie industry.

Instagram: Purfcie Conna instagram Page Account Profile Handle purfcie_conna

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