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Who Is Crackydon?
Who Is Abbey Abimbola?
Abbey Abimbola is a Nollywood actor and producer, model who is also known as Crackydon aka Nigerian - Malaysian stunt actor.

Abbey Abimbola Aka Crackydon is a Nigerian actor, director stuntman Model and movie producer.

Real, Full Name: Abbey Abimbola Adegboyega
Nickname: Crackydon

Crackydon Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Abbey Abimbola was born on 2 November 1980.
How old is Crackydon Abbey Abimbola?
Abbey Abimbola is 40 years old.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Abbey Abimbola from? Abbey Abimbola is from Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. Crackydon was born in Iwo, Osun state but grew up in Mushin Lagos.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Abbey Abimbola father was a priest while his mother is a GoldSmith.

Education: Abbey Abimbola 'Crackydon' dropped out of Obafemi Awolowo University.

Nollywood Journey: Abbey Abimbola joined the  Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood after dropping out of Obafemi Awolowo University. He got his first shot in the industry with a role in “Heart Amending”, a movie produced by Legendary Director F. Olu Michael.

India Bollywood, Malaysia: Abbey Abimbola aka Cracky Don did lots of movies before he left the country for Malaysia in 2013. Abbey Abimbola left Nigeria to explore other movie industries. His first attempt was India Bollywood where he was constantly rejected for not having enough experience and major work to credit to his name. His breakthrough finally arrived when he auditioned for a role in a movie in Malaysia. According to him, he was asked to play the role of a stereo stunt man which he did perfectly.
Abbey Abimbola throwback photos

He followed that up with other roles. Abbey Abimbola has starred in several movies since his breakthrough into the industry, especially in Malaysia and its neighbouring countries.

Filmography, Movies: Abbey Abimbola has acted in the following Nollywood, Yoruba movies, Omo Mushin, Sonto Alapata, Ijan Gbara, Muah, Kani, Osan Ja, Omo Senator, Omo Berre, Omo Polly, Alfa Abubakar, Lakonimowa, Agbara Eda, Adeola Terminator, Aferi, Ikoko Ajegun Jeran, Igunnungun Eiye Aye, Odaju, Oju Ide, Last Minutes, Alami, Pharao, Okan Apata, Kini Mose, Omoge Facebook, Rihanna.

On the international level, he has; Nivea Ad, Nann Kabali Alla, Badang, Kavaal3, Air mata surga, Singam3, Journey Behind the lens, One Blood, Nelayan, Tarak, Thugs of America Kuruthi Sarithiram among others.

Speaking on his current project and how he managed to switch between Nollywood and the Malaysian film industry he said, ” I have got a couple of movies produced here in Nigeria and am currently working on one titled ” Blackout” featuring Veteran rapper Idris Abdul Kareem on the movie soundtrack.

He has also done a project titled “ONE Blood” which is 50% Nigerian and 50% Malaysian story”.

On How He Fit Into The Malaysian Film Industry: Abbey Abimbola told The Sun:

"Absolutely it wasn’t easy. When I got to Malaysia, I wasn’t given a chance because I went for different auditions and wasn’t accepted. Over there, you have to do a mix of martial arts, if not, they will tell you ‘oh you have to do extra’. When I got there, I was like ‘in Nollywood we do a lot of talking. We do drama’. But over there, they are not into drama. They do more of action movies. And if you consider my kind of body, the best you can do is go for mixed martial arts. So, I went for mixed martial arts, and after learning it, I said this is not enough for me, because we have a whole lot of mixed martial arts in the world, and for me to stand out, I learnt skilled art – a basic fight in Malaysia. After learning skilled art, I became relevant and I started getting different jobs."

The title of the movie Abbey Abimbola Crackydon did in Malaysia was 'Badang'. It’s a local movie. He went for the audition and passed.

Selling point for the Malaysian role:
"My selling point is my very nice body, Alhamdulilah for that. They asked if I could fight and I said yes. Then they asked me to do a few things, which I did perfectly and even added some extras, and they said ‘oh, this is what we want’."

"By that time I had started learning the language. You have to learn how to speak Malay. If you don’t, you will be limited to some things over there. And as time went on, I think I was the first black guy to ever get a cinema card in Malaysia. Cinema card is like being a certified actor. With my cinema card, I can go anywhere, even travel out of Malaysia, I mean within Malaysia not outside, but to other Malaysian states). So, I think I’m blessed."

Craziest Thing A Fan Did To Abbey Abimbola Crackydon: the actor told The Sun:
"A female fan once touched my body. I have not been slapped before but… And they always say ‘you have a nice body. I wish I could touch your six-pack. I wish I could do this or do that’. But I thank God because that’s a plus for me."

Fitness, Gym, 6 Pack Abs: Abbey Abimbola Crackydon gyms and keeps fit. He has six pack abs which he flaunts on his Instagram page.

Tattoo: Abbey Abimbola Crackydon likes tattoos a lot.
Abbey Abimbola has his body, chest, hands tattooed.

Marriage, Baby Mama, Wife: Is Abbey Abimbola Crackydon married?
Abbey Abimbola Crackydon is married to a beautiful Malaysian woman and is blessed with a 4-year-old son.

Son: Abbey Abimbola has a son. Meet Abbey Abimbola Crackydon son, Jamjam.

Net Worth: Abbey Abimbola Crackydon makes money from acting and producing and other sources but his Net worth is unavailable.

Love For Tacha And Tonto Dikeh: Abbey Abimbola Crackydon wants to date BBNaija Tacha and Tonto Dikeh despite the fact that he is married to a Malaysian wife.

Instagram: Abbey Abimbola Crackydon Instagram Page Profile Account Handle: crackydon
Abbey Abimbola
Pro. Actor!. StuntMan/Director!. Seniman Member!

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