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Meet Olivia Malachy, Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, Birthday, Hand, Story, Married, Family, Before And After Accident Pictures, Movies, Nollywood Actress

Who Is Olivia Malachy?
Olivia Malachy is Nigerian amputee, Nollywood actress and enterprenur who is known for her hand that was cut off after an accident. 

State Of Origin: Where is Olivia Malachy from?  Olivia Malachy is from Imo state but lives in Aba.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Olivia Malachy was born on 12 June....

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Meet Olivia Malachy mother

Nickname: Olivia Malachy is also known as Superwoman aka Olivia Superwoman. She calls herself 'Superwoman' for serving what she passed through and still living positively.

Accident Story: Olivia Malachy narrates her accident Story while marking 4 years of the incident in May 2020. 

"When you arise in the the morning, think of what a previous privilege it is to be alive, breath and to think.
MAY 6TH 2016
That was the day I faced my own on death in a very-fatal accident, my accident occurred at my own state, Imo state (Owerri) this was the morning that would forever change my life and that was the morning I once died

4 years of healing, I can now reflect back on this day MAY 6TH 2016, and see the healing that has come to to a day that used to symbolize such great pain, I wasn't sure of what was worse, the physical pain that followed or the psychological pain that left me feeling hopeless and alone (you are not alone) my life was a mess, my relationship was a mess and I was a mess, I lost everything that I once identified with, I was doing everything that I could to heal but losing my left arm left me with a nightmare, .
And am still contemplating why I had to survive such, God has I plan am sure
Don't lose hope, I have faith and am a SUPERWOMAN 💪.
Happy 4 years anniversary to me.
#Oliviasuperwoman #anniversary" - Olivia Malachy wrote on her instagram page.

Marriage, Husband: Is Olivia Malachy married?
Olivia Malachy is not yet married but she is hopeful of getting married soon. Though Olivia Malachy doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or relationship on her instagram page.

Olivia Malachy Before And After Accident Photos

Olivia Malachy Instagram Page Account Handle olivia_malachy olivia_malachy
CEO [email protected]_olivia
DAILY= Motivation and inspiration
Rules=Never Quit
Personality= 💪
Reality= Always Happy

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