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Who Is Doris Samuel Akonanya?
Doris Samuel Akonanya is an amputee Nollywood actress and dancer who is known for her amputated legs.

Doris Samuel is also a Nollywood movie producer.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Doris Samuel Akonanya from? Doris Samuel Akonanya is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Doris Samuel Akonanya is Igbo

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Doris Samuel Akonanya was born on 31 May.
Age: How old is Doris Samuel Akonanya?
Doris Samuel Akonanya is in her 20s.

Family, Parents, Siblings, Mother, Father: Meet Doris Samuel Akonanya mother.

Doris Samuel Akonanya sister is called Esther Samuel.

Leg, Amputation, Accident Story: At the age of 13, Doris Samuel Akonanya was knocked down by a commercial motorcyclist in Bayelsa State. As a result of her severe injuries, she had her right leg amputated by Doctor.
“I grew up in Bayelsa state and I wasn’t born with disability.
At age 13, I got knocked down by a motorcyclist while trying to cross the road. The accident led to the amputation of my right leg, and that moment changed the way I started seeing life. I didn’t take life seriously because I thought I was useless to my family and to the world, but my parents didn’t see me that way especially my mum. I never took my education seriously because I had no sense of belonging to the environment.

My mum was very supportive, she taught me how to fight for what I want and not to give up and that has helped me a lot in my career so the word ‘impossibility’ is not in my dictionary".

Nicholas James Vujicic Impact: Doris Samuel's life attitude to life changed after watching disabled Nicholas James Vujicic. She recalls: "I started accepting and appreciating God for my life when I found out about Nicholas James Vujicic, the motivational speaker without legs and arms. His videos were the inspiration that got me back on my foot, that was when I started fighting for what I wanted but the challenges were serious."

Educational Background: Doris Samuel Akonanya studied Theatre Arts at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK)

"I got an admission to study theatre arts at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, So many people discouraged me from studying the course, most of my course mates were like ‘what is she doing in this department’, wasn’t she aware of what this course is all about, can she dance or act with this her one leg?’ I usually felt bad but constantly encouraged myself because I knew want I wanted and I was ready to fight for it. I learnt how to dance on my own, in my room. Today I can act and dance with or without my support aid." She recalls.

Nollywood Journey, Doris Samuel Akonanya & PRINCE OWELLE UGORJI Impact: Doris Samuel started acting in Nollywood movies in 2015 with the help of Prince Owelle Ugorji who is an actor and a movie producer. Doris Samuel Akonanya met Prince Owelle Ugorji on facebook and told him her passion for acting and dancing. He was touched by her story and promised to help her achieve her Nollywood dreams. Few years later, he chatted her up and sent her a script. Prince Owelle Ugorji  gave Doris Samuel the lead role in the movie called 'Susanna'.

Pictures of Doris Samuel Akonanya and her friend, Prince Owelle Ugorji

"The movie Susanna brought us closer, he took me like a sister and promised to make my dreams come true. He didn’t ask for money or sex from me unlike one producer who only wants." Doris Samuel recalls.

Prince Owelle Ugorji Biography: Who Is Prince Owelle Ugorji? Prince Owelle Ugorji aka  Owelle of Africa is a Nollywood actor and a movie producer who helped Doris Samuel Akonanya become an actress.

Movies, Filmography: Doris Samuel Akonanya has featured in Innocent Blood, Ofu Obara her first Igbo movie, Python Burial where she shaved her hair, Tears Of Destiny, Uju, Susanna among others.

Producer: Doris Samuel Akonanya produced UJU (I Am Limitless) her first movie as a producer in 2017.

Boyfriend, Marriage, Husband: Is Doris Samuel Akonanya married?
Nollywood actress, Doris Samuel is not yet married. She doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiance or relationship on her instagram page.

Wedding Pictures: Doris Samuel Akonanya has no real husband yet but only got married in a movie.

Nickname: Doris Samuel Akonanya is also known as Doris Still Smiling

Role Model: Doris Samuel Akonanya's role models are Genevieve Nnaji and Ini Edo.

Net Worth: Doris Samuel Akonanya makes money as a Nollywood actress and producer but Doris Samuel net worth is unavailable. 

Height: How tall isDoris Samuel Akonanya?

House, Cars: Doris Samuel Akonanya ....

Instagram: Doris Samuel Akonanya instagram Account page handle dorisstillsmiling

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Unknown said…
I love you so much dear,I'm one of your fans from Cameroon
Unknown said…
You're the real inspiration an example of "never give up". God bless your whole...
I love you my daughter for not giving up on life when life seems to be pushing outside the boundaries of our dreams God is always ready to rescue us when we turn to Him. I won't forget to include Prince Owelle for making your dreams to come true as he is the who took a brave and bold step by making you known when you were unknown.May God bless you all including Nollywood at large 💕💕💕 from South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦
Anonymous said…
May the Almighty continue to bless you and make you dreams come in doubles
Anonymous said…
I love ur confidence and see myself in you. I wish i could talk to you
Anonymous said…
I just watched The Royal Majesty and I got so enthused by your acting skills. Your are an embodiment of never give up. Well done my baby girl.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
She is a very beautiful woman infact the most beautiful in nollywood today i always watch her movies to the end because her stunnishing beauty and i dont see her physical challenge as an obstacle to what she can achieve in life, her cute smile alone is a selling point, my best wishes to her
Anonymous said…
God bless Prince Owelle, your mom and everyone who made life easy for you.

You have really done so well for yourself, God bless you richly and keep strengthening you.
Anonymous said…
Wow what a story God bless you 💞
Anonymous said…
Doris you so encouraging,I feel alot of people are being motivated by you.For sure disability is not inability.God bless you career.Much love for you ,all the way from Zambia.
Anonymous said…
After watching the movie My Tears i wanted knowing this brave and never giveup lady! You’re awesome keep pushing
Anonymous said…
My dear u are in inspiration...there is no limitation in life except d one we place on ourselves
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