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Who Is Moses LDN? MosesLdn Birthday, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Biography, Wikipedia, Parents, Twitter, Girlfriend, Nationality, Fitness Trainer, Model, Gym, Workout Photos, Videos, Height, Age, 6 pack, 6packs

Moses LDN MosesLdn is a Nigerian - British model, fitness trainer, YouTuber, Vlogger who is popular on Instagram and Twitter because of his physique, muscles and 6 packs.

Moses LDN (MosesLdn) is just 20 years old of age and has already accomplished a lot in the fitness and modelling Industry.

Moses LDN is a Nigerian from Yoruba tribe but lives in London, England.

8 Facts About Moses LDN You Didn't Know

1 Who Is Moses LDN? 
Moses LDN is a tall, dark-skinned, handsome Nigerian born British model, YouTuber and vlogger and fitness trainer.

2 Nationality, State Of Origin, Tribe: Moses LDN is a Yoruba from Nigeria but is based in London, England

3 Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: How old is Moses.ldn? Moses LDN is 20 years old as at 2020.

4 Height: Moses LDN is 6'1 tall

5 Girlfriend: Moses LDN MosesLdn was seen in one of his YouTube videos teaching his British girlfriends how to speak Yoruba language.

6 Family, Siblings, Sisters, Parents, Mother, Father: Moses LDN was born into a Nigerian family, he has sisters and he is the only son in the family. MosesLdn was seen in one of his YouTube videos traveling to Nigeria with his mother to meet his family.

7 Fitness, Workout, Gym, Muscles, Model: Moses LDN MosesLdn started working out in 2017 at the age of 17 years. 90% of his Instagram and Twitter pictures are shirtless photos to flaunt his 6 packs abs

8 Role Model: Moses LDN role model is Simeon Panda.

Watch Moses LDN Answer Questions  About Himself on Yoube below 

Twitter Profile: Moses.ldn @Mosesldnn
Instagram Page Profile Account Handle moses.ldn
YouTube: MosesLdn
Twitter: Mosesldnn
Snap: Curved_line
Qualified Personal Trainer

Moses LDN Did a vlog of him Flying to Nigeria with his mother to see his family and brother

Another vlog - YouTube video, MosesLdn taught his British girlfriends how to speak Yoruba language

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