Collins Muonago Biography, Age, Instagram, Wife, Family, Children, Wiki, Married, Birthday, Movies, Nche Security Nollywood Actor

Meet Muonago Collins aka Nche Security: Biography, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Family, 'Osuofia Brother', Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Daughter, Children, Movies, Wife Tonia Muonago

Who Is Collins Muonago?
Muonago Collins aka Nche Security is a comic Nollywood actor who is known for his striking resemblance with Nkem Owoh Osuofia.

In movies set, Nche Security is branded as a village jester or a mischief maker who staggers at most times but Muonago Collins has carved a niche for himself as one of the hottest stars rocking the Nigerian movie scene.

State Of Origin: Where is Collins Muonagor from?

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Collins Muonago was born on December 24.
How old is Collins Muonago?

Muonago Collins describes himself as a versatile actor, explaining that he has never been drunk before. Rather, “I’m just interpreting my movie roles.” He dismissed the notion that he’s stereotyped in movies, saying “I have played such roles that did not portray me as drunk in movies.”

Marriage, Wife, Daughter, Children: Nche Security Collins Muonago is happily married to Tonia Muonago with children. One of his daughters is Olivia Muonago. He has acted in over 60 Nollywood movies since he joined the industry. 

Movies: Collins Muonago Nche Security movies include, Ekwenti Ike, Female Barber, Imo Awka, My Village Catechist, “Painful Soul”, “Mothers Tears”, “The Great Odumodu”, “Mr Ibu in Trouble”, “Only Hope”, “Oga on Top”, “Osuofia’s Wedding” among others.

Net Worth: Collins Muonago net Worth is unavailable.

Is Muonago Collins Nche Security Osuofia's brother, related to Nkem Owoh?
Collins Muonago aka Nche Security is not related to Nkem Owoh Osuofia. They are not brothers. But Nche Security only acts like Osuofia in movies.

Are Amaechi Muonagor and Collins Muonago related?
Some think Collins Muonago is Amaechi Muonagor brother but they are not brothers.

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Tonia Muonago

Muonago Collins aka Nche Security Wife Tonia 

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