Meet Emirror Watson: Eddie Watson Daughter 10 Best Instagram Photos, YouTube Videos, Account
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Emirror Watson is the daughter, child of actor Eddie Watson and his wife, 'Naomi Woode' Naomi Baaba. She is their first child.

Emirror Watson full name is Emirror (Emi) Cassia Watson.

Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: Emirror Watson was born on February 2, 2015.

Parents, Father, Mother: Emirror C Watson parents are celebrities - the father is Eddie Watson an actor and her mother is, 'Naomi Woode' Naomi Baaba, an actress.

Emirror Watson is from Liberia, her father's Country.

Emirror Watson and her grandmother share sane birthday 

Instagram Account Profile Bio, Page Handle Of Emirror Watson emirrorwatson

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