Roxy Antak 12 Sexiest Instagram Photos: 10 Facts About Nollywood Actor Bio, Wiki You Don't Know

Meet Roxy Antak Edem: Top 10 Facts About Roxy Antak Edem You Don't Know About His Biography, Age And Wikipedia

Born on October 19, Roxy Antak Edem is a good-looking Nigerian actor who has featured in some high-ranking Nollywood movies. Roxy Antak is from Akwa Ibom State.

Top 10 Facts About Roxy Antak Edem You Don't Know

1 Roxy Antak Edem is a handsome Nollywood actor and model.

2 Birthday, Age, Date of Birth: Roxy Antak was  born on 19th of October over 30 years ago in Lagos.

3 Roxy Antak Edem parents are from Akwa Ibom state.

4 Roxy Antak Edem had his primary and secondary education in Lagos and later proceeded for a degree in Mathematics & Economics at the University of Benin where he graduated from.

5 Roxy Antak Edem is from a family of 7, including his father and mother - he has 4 siblings, and he is the 3rd child.

6 Roxy Antak Edem started his acting career as a child actor at the age of 9 with ‘Tales by Moonlight’ on NTA, then as an adult with a cameo appearance on 'Tinsel' in 2010.

7 Marital Status: Roxy Antak Edem is not yet married. He doesn't flaunt his girlfriend on Instagram. Roxy Antak wants to marry a lady with beauty with brains plus a good heart as wife

8 Roxy Antak was born into a comfortable family with father who was a Nigerian Customs Service Officer and his beautiful Wife in Surulere, Lagos State about three decades and some years ago.

9 Roxy Antak doesn't smoke or drink excessively. He doesn't even go clubbing.

10 Movies: Roxy Antak Edem has featured in the following movies: ‘The Women’, ’The Present’, 'Grey Shadows’, When Love Finds You’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘JUNE’,' Roberta’, ‘Bandits’, ‘Baby Mama’, 'Grey Area', 'Lost Conscience'.

Roxy Antak Edem Instagram Profile Account Handle roxyantak


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