Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo 10 Sexiest Instagram Photos, Boyfriend: 10 Facts About Dwarf Instagram Model You Should Know
Boyfriend, Husband, Father, Mother: Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo Instagram Account, Photos, Videos And 10 Facts About The Dwarf Model

Fatima Timbo aka Fatstimbo is a 4-foot woman with dwarfism who is an instagram model, dancer and a dwarf TV personality.

Here are top Facts About Fatima Timbo 'Fatstimbo' You Should Know

1 Fatima Timbo 'Fatstimbo' is an Instagram model, a dancer and TV personality

2 Age/Birthday/Date Of Birth: Fatima Timbo 'Fatstimbo' was Born on 9th of January 1997

3 Fatima Timbo 'Fatstimbo' parents found out she would either have dwarfism or down syndrome when her mother was 6 months pregnant

4 Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo parents were given the opportunity to abort her but chose not do so

5 Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo is a dwarf. Her height is Four-foot and she refers to herself as 'little woman'

6 Growing up as the only person in her family suffering from the condition made it harder for Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo

7 Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo is a first class graduate of Finance and accounting from Middlesex University in London

8 Finance trainee Fatima Timbo from London was born with achondroplasia, a bone growth condition that causes people to be short in stature with a regular-sized torso and short limbs.

9 After being bullied throughout high school, Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo learnt to embrace her condition and started modelling in 2017, quickly growing her Instagram following. 'The most popular comment I've had is 'midget', which I hate because it's a derogatory term for dwarfs or little people,' she revealed.

'The worst comment someone said about me was 'if I was Fatima's mum I would abort her because she's a midget'. When my friend told me, I couldn't stop crying because of how hurt that comment made me feel.'

'The toughest part is the constant staring of people when I go out. It's almost like going out in a funny costume.

'People always react when they see me by laughing, pointing, or some people just give me a disgusted look sometimes.

'I overcame this by simply ignoring them because I know ultimately those people don't have any effect on my life and they can only affect me if I let them.' She told Daily Mail

10 Boyfriend/Husband: Fatima Timbo Fatstimbo,  despite with her newfound confidence and appearing on dating show, The Undateables, admits it's hard to find a genuine man - and has to fend off men with dwarf fetishes.'I have to be wary of guys who just have a fetish for dwarfs because there are some guys that actually see me as something to tick off their bucket list. I would say it's harder to find a genuine guy if you're a little woman,' Fatima said.

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"10yearchallenge PT2. First picture was my first day of secondary school age 11 and second picture age 21."

 "#10yearchallenge I was 13-14 in the first picture my looks and my height have not changed much but I’m glad my mindset changed over the years"

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