Ogbu Johnson 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos: 10 Facts About Nollywood Actor 042Princejay You Should Know
Ogbu Johnson On Instagram: 10 Facts About Nollywood Actor 042Princejay You Should Know

Born on March 18, 1994, Ogbu Johnson aka 042princejay is a Nollywood actor who is from Enugu State and has acted in many Nigerian films.

1 Nollywood Actor Ogbu Johnson's full name is PRINCE OGBU JOHNSON CHINECHEREM Aka Prince Jay

2 Ogbu Johnson STAGE NAME is 042 PRINCE JAY

3 Ogbu Johnson State OF ORIGIN: Ogbu Jonson is from Enugu state, Nigeria.

4 DATE OF BIRTH/Age/Birthday: Ogbu Johnson was born on March 18th 1994

PRESENT LOCATION: Delta state Asaba, Nigeria.

5 INTEREST AND HOBBIES: Ogbu Johnson likes Traveling, Reading, Acting and script writing.

6 BACKGROUND: Ogbu Johnson aka 042 Prince Jay was born and brought up in Enugu state.

7 Ogbu Johnson is a graduate of political science from Enugu state university of science and technology.

8 Ogbu Johnson doesn't flaunt his family, girlfriend, parents, siblings on his Instagram page

9 Ogbu Johnson is not married to any wife at the moment. His fiancee not known

10 Prince Ogbu Johnson 042 Princejay has featured in many Nollywood movies with A-list actors. Ogbu Johnson net Worth not known.

Ogbu Johnson Instagram Profile Account Handle 042princejay
042princejay@gmail.com 042princejay

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