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Who Is Helena Duru?

Helena Duru is a Nollywood actress and Nigerian writer and filmmaker who was born on April 21 and has featured in many Nollywood movies.

Top 10 Facts About Helena Duru You Probably Don't Know

Helena Duru is a graduate of Economics.

She did her NYSC in 2017. She served in Delta State.

Helena Duru's father, ALOYSIUS EBERECHUKWU DURU (Ksm) was a police officer and he died in 2012.

Helena Duru's mother is still alive and kicking

Helena Duru has featured in many Nollywood movies such as: Holland Billionaires, THORN, OKU, LOVE IN THE AIR, DYKOO AND AJEBO, Blood Brothers, WOMEN’s MEETING, PRINCESS MORGANA,  IF TROUBLE COMES, BURIED EVERYWHERE, Royal Ambition, SEVEN DAYS IN MARRIAGE .

"Her eyes speaks volume
She is a Christian (a lover of Christ)
She is kind,loving, very accommodating,
Academically she is average ,very emotional (that's why she is scared of falling in love lol), she can cry for Africa usually when her loved ones hurt her,she can starve just to see you eat, she loves happy moment, she loves #kids with passion, she is beautiful in and out, she is bold ,she is a goal getter, she is strong, she is the last child and loves #mummy like kilode , she has never broken a man's heart in her life(sadly but that's the truth) She is an #Actress and a #writer ,she is sexy ,she is a great cook, she can't keep malice with you for more than a day.
Yes that is who she is
if i keep going on and on i bet you will fall in love with her.

She is very stubborn and can argue for Africa (laughing in the process and that might hurt a little .lol )
I'm sorry if you don't like her. We all have our flaws and these two are hers.

Her names are Helena obiageriakudaddya Jessica Duru.
Love her if you can ,hate her it's your choice."

Helena Duru Instagram Profile Account Handle iamhelenaduru 

Public Figure

Helena Duru As A Delta Corper (NYSC throwback Pictures)

Her father ALOYSIUS EBERECHUKWU DURU . (Ksm) died in 2012

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