Meet Paulscata: 10 Hot Instagram Photos, 5 Facts About Paul Scata, Comedy, Family
Paul Scata Comedy, Videos, Instagram Handle, Paulscata Family, Mother, Brothers, Throwback Photos

Paulscata is a Nigerian Instagram Comedian with 3 characters: Breastilola, The Angry woman, Pragya, Shy Indian girl and Natasha, The fake slay queen.

5 Facts About Paulscata (Paul Scata Comedy)

1 Paul Scata is a Nigerian Instagram comedian.

2 Age, Birthday: Paulscata was born on 24 , October 1989.

3 Paul Scata has 3 characters, Breastilola, Natasha and Pragya in his comedy series.

4 Paul Scata Contested For Mr Ideal Nigeria 2015

5 Some think Paulscata is gay because of his female costumes and acting like a lady. Sharing a picture of his normal self on his Instagram page, Paul Scata said: "Hi, I am Paulscata . You are used to seeing me as a girl , biko I’m a guy 😂🤣. This is how I look when I’m not shooting a funny skit . This is me biko my people 😂, biko , biko , biko"

Paulscata Pictures on Instagram

Paulscata As Mr Ideal Nigeria 2015 contestant.

 Paulscata throwback Photos

 Paul Scata two brothers

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