Aristotle Arinze Uzochukwu Biography, Age, Wife, Instagram, Birthday, Wiki, Daughter, Married, Family, Net Worth, Movies

Meet Arinze Aristotle Uzochukwu, Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Family, Married? Wife, Daughter, Movies, State Of Origin, Parents, Nollywood Actor, Instagram

Who Is Aristotle Arinze?

Arinze Aristotle Uzochukwu is a Nigerian Nollywood actor from Idemili South Local Government in Anambra State who has acted in so many Nollywood movies. Born on July 11, Aristotle Arinze Uzochukwu is fast rising Nollywood actor who has featured with many A-list actors.

Arinze Aristotle Uzochukwu seems married because he shared a picture that seems like that of his wife and daughter on Instagram.

He also shared a picture of his daughter and call her his 'Ada'.

Filmography: Arinze Aristotle Uzochukwu has featured in many Nollywood movies such as, Posh Girl, Living Deity, The Street Girl I Love, My Tears, Dark Cloud, Golden Heart, Heart Beat Of Love, Stubborn Prince, Way To Love, Love Like Palm Wine, First Class Graduate, Drunk In Jealousy, The Prince And The Ghost, Bobrisky In Love, Love And Doom, Lion's Bride, My Love My Slave, Feast Of Love, Pain Behind Games, Power Of Women, among others.

All About Aristotle Arinze Uzochukwu

Arinze Uzochukwu Ndubuisi AKA Aristotle Arinze a fast rising Nollywood actor hails from Idemili South Local Government in Anambra State. He is the last child of the family and a such is loved by all. He graduated from Enugu State University of Technology where he studied Chemical Engineering in the year 2008. He fell in love with acting since his primary school days and a such pursued the dream in the year 2015. He has featured in many blockbuster movies with lots of vetrans in the industry but the major movie and role that brought him out is Royal Dream where he played the character Dike. Keep your eyes on this Enugu based actor as he seems to be the next Emeka Ike of our generation.

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