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*Top 10 Things To Know About Maleek Miltons Biography, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Family, House, Mother, Sister, Brothers, Father, Parents:

Born on 11th of July as Emeka Miltons Alumona, Maleek Milton is a Nigerian Nollywood actor who has featured in a good number of Nollywood movies such as Local Liar, Audio Money, Yahoo King, Drop Of Tears, Tears Of A King, Clap Of Royalty, Female Police, Blood Brothers among others.

Maleek Miltons, the handsome light-skinned fastest rising Nollywood actor has a signature hairstyle which is permed long hair. He even wears it with earrings when acting as a prince. Imagine!!

Top 10 Facts About Maleek Milton You May Not Know About His Bio, Wikipedia:

1 Birthday, age: Maleek Miltons was born on 11th of July.

2 Maleek Miltons' full, real name is Emeka Miltons Alumona.

3 Maleek Miltons keeps long hair,  his signature hairstyle.

4 Siblings: Maleek Miltons has 2 brothers and an only sister

5 Maleek Milton only sister, Mandy Lumona, Mrs Frank, got married to her husband last year, 2019 at their beautiful family house

6 Father: Maleek Milton's father is late.

7 Mother: Maleek Miltons beautiful mother is still alive and kicking. She was spotted at her daughter's wedding in December.

8 Movies: Maleek Miltons has featured in many Nigerian movies such as: Local Liar, Audio Money, Yahoo King, Drop Of Tears, Tears Of A King, Clap Of Royalty, Female Police, Blood Brothers, to mention but a few.

9 State Of Origin: Maleek Milton is from Enugu State.

10: Baby Mama & Daughter: Maleek Miltons has a baby mama and daughter he allegedly abandoned.

10 Parents: Maleek Miltons mother is alive while his father is late.

Picture of Maleek Miltons family house in Enugu state

Pictures of Maleek Miltons, his family, mother and brothers at his sister's wedding in December 2019.

Meet Meleek Miltons mother and sister 

Top 10 Pictures Of Maleek Miltons On His Instagram Page, Handle

Traditional Wedding Videos of Maleek Milton's Sister. His mother spotted


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Unknown said…
Is that y u have to post this here
Just to spoil his name
It unfair
U would have not said it on this platform
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