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Meet Mareme Edet?
Who Is Uglygalz?
Mareme Edet who is popularly known as Uglygalz is a Nigerian actress, model, entertainer, brand influencer and producer, CEO Uglygalz Production.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Mareme Edet Uglygalz from? Mareme Edet Uglygalz is from the South South part of Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Mareme Edet Uglygalz was born on June 3.
Uglygalz Age: How old is Mareme Edet Uglygalz?

Net Worth: Mareme Edet Uglygalz net Worth - she makes $3,000 and $10,000 monthly from the industry. Uglygalz is one of the highest earning actresses in Nigeria.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Mareme Edet 'Uglygalz' family - parents and sister never supported her career as a star actress in her type of acting.

Lesbian, Bisexual: Mareme Edet 'Uglygalz' is a lesbian, bisexual.

Mareme Edet describes herself as "I am Uglygalz
I am a combination of Wild, Hush and Mystique..."

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Mareme Edet Uglygalz married? Mareme Edet Uglygalz is not yet married and doesn't reveal any fiancé.

Boyfriend: Mareme Edet Uglygalz has boyfriend, she is dating one of her colleagues.

Mareme Edet Uglygalz And Krissyjoh Chris: Krissyjoh Chris is Uglygalz boyfriend as they always act together.

Tattoos: Mareme Edet Uglygalz likes tattoos and has her body tattooed.

Instagram: Mareme Edet Instagram Profile Account Handle maremeedet1 

Uglygalz1 On Google
Brand Influencer
Only Fans

Edet Mareme Tells Business Insider SSA Nigerian star Actresses in Her Field Of Acting can earn between $3,000 to $10,000 monthly

"I make between $3,000 and $10,000 monthly from making movies” - @maremeedet

Mareme Edet aka Uglygalz might be an emerging actress in Nollywood, but she says many people would rather choose to see her as ashawo as she also talked about the business model around the industry.
In this exclusive interview with Business Insider by Pulse, Uglygalz revealed: “I am a knacking actress. I am an actress first and foremost and I get paid for acting aside enjoying what I do."

As regards the profitability of the industry, she revealed: "In a month, "knacking' Stars can make between $3,000 and $10,000 or more"

 “Girls are paid more than their male counterparts in the industry,"  Mareme says.

Mareme said working in the industry doesn't stop a woman from having a happy life and home. “A woman can decide to go into "knacking" acting and stop after a while and go and marry. Nobody can stop you.”

“People mistake me for asewo, I am a 'knacking' actress. Because you watched my video from a "knacking" website doesn't mean I do it with everybody I meet,” she explains.

I Pay Tax From My Knacking Videos – Mareme Edet Tells Daily Independent

Actress and brand influencer, Mareme Edet has said she pays tax from her videos. She made this statement in an interview with Timileyin Adebanjo when she emphasised that despite being chastised for her choice of career, she is happy that she has been able to contribute to the society.

She said: “The business is very lucrative, I have saved a lot and I help people by contributing to the society. With the rate at which I am going, they would legalise it in Nigeria. I pay tax from my videos.

“I started two years ago officially; but before then, I used to do video calls with my clients. I used to send them videos. I enjoyed what I was doing so I decided to take it a step further by producing movies instead of only video calls.

“I have tried to look for jobs but I didn’t succeed at it; coupled with the fact that many bosses were interested in sleeping with me. When I started my career, my parents didn’t know about it; but few months ago, my parents got to know about it through my cousin who wanted to blackmail me to sleep with him. I rejected his advances, so he informed my parents and sister.

“My sister called me and she was crying on the phone. I told them to keep supporting me. They were bothered about the negativity that would come with it; I told them all I need is their support.

“I feel Nigerians have talent in knacking; most of the American knacking movies are shot by black people. Nigerians watch knacking videos a lot yet they are the ones criticizing me and send me emails.”

Asked about some of the challenges she has faced since she started her career, she noted that getting investors was a major challenge for her.

“One person has to stand up for everybody and the rest would follow suit. My company is registered, I tried to get investors to invest in it but it has been tough.

“Also, getting actors to actually feature in my videos is difficult because doing it in the bedroom is different from doing it in front of a camera.

“I have turned a deaf ear to the negative things people say about me. I also try to motivate people who work for me to ignore what people say about them.

“People who beg me for money online still say bad things about me. When I’m walking on the road, some people call me knacking star, I just smile and wave back at them, I am not bothered. I have to get used to it because this is my profession.

“People admire my confidence, because when they meet me, I introduce myself to them as a knacking star. I cannot lie that I’m an entrepreneur.”

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