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10 Facts About Juliet Patrick Odigwe You Don't Know
Meet Juliet Patrick: Husband, Bio, Wikipedia, Family, Marriage, Parents, Brother, Net Worth, Movies

Who Is Juliet Patrick Odigwe?

Juliet Patrick Odigwe is a Nigerian Nollywood actress who has featured in many popular Nollywood movies.

Born on April 3, Juliet Patrick Odigwe is beautiful, light-skinned actress who is equally talented and she is from Anambra state.

10 Facts About Juliet Patrick Odigwe, Nollywood Actress

1 Occupation/Carrer: Juliet Patrick is a Nollywood actress

2 Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Juliet Patrick Odigwe was born on the 3rd of April

3 State Of Origin: Juliet Patrick Odigwe is from Anambra state

4 Family/Parents/Background: Juliet Patrick Odigwe is from a family 9 including his father and mother. They are 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. Initially her parents weren't in support of her acting career

 Juliet Patrick Odigwe and siblings before and after photos

Juliet Patrick parents 

with her mother 

with her father 

5 Siblings/Brothers/Sisters: Juliet Patrick Odigwe has 6 siblings 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Juliet Patrick's brother is Olivet Odigwe Tevriss, a popular fashion designer.
 Juliet Patrick Odigwe fashion designer  brother, Olivet Odigwe Tevriss

6 Movies/Filmography: Juliet Patrick Odigwe has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Wisdom of The King, Drops Of Hope, Son Of Trouble, Evil Within, Yesterday, Sound Of Victory, Heart Of Fire, It's All My Fault, The Quest, Land Of Lovers, Small World, Mad Couple, Deadly Emotion, Spirit Wife, Herdsman, Oil Land, Malawi, Sambisa Girl, and The Missionary among others.

Education: Juliet Patrick Odigwe studied  Linguistics. She is a graduate.

8 Multi Language: Juliet Patrick Odigwe is a polyglot who fluently speaks English, Hausa and Igbo languages

9 Height: Juliet Patrick Odigwe is tall

10 Boyfriend, Husband, Marriage: Juliet Patrick lost her boyfriend after she announced her intentions of joining the movie industry.
“Sadly, my boyfriend, broke up with me when I decided to join movie industry fully, so, I have no boyfriend wahala for now.”

On marriage, Juliet Patrick Odigwe admits there are handsome actors in Nollywood who might make good husbands.

She said that she has vowed to ensure her marriage to her dream man works, as long as there is love and commitment.

“I have been in the movie industry for a while now, I wouldn’t want to marry an actor, because both of us will be busy moving from one location to another. But if I end up falling in love with a cute actor, I can assure you that I’ll marry him as soon as possible. I’m sure we can work things out". She told the Sun.

11 Sex For Movie Roles, Her Ordeal With Nollywood Producer: Juliet Patrick Odigwe her ordeal in the hands of producers as an upcoming actress:

"A production manager I met in Owerri Imo state came to me and said, ‘Babe you are so good. I’ll give you six good jobs that can blow you to stardom but after the six jobs, all I need from you is six good rounds of sex in return’. I told him an outright ‘no’, that I can only take him shopping when he makes me a star.

However, it didn’t end well. Although he got me 2 good jobs but I kept reminding him that I can only take him shopping, he was pissed off and that was the end; he stopped calling me for jobs,” she recalled.

Continuing the story of her ordeal in the hands of producers as an upcoming actress, the graduate of Linguistics said:

“Some won’t come straight forward to ask you sex , they will begin telling you how they love you, how they want to marry you and all kinds of love stories just to get to your pants.

It has not really been easy for me but once you’re good, then it’s not really that difficult to hit stardom. Some up coming actresses actually throw themselves easily and cheaply at these producers, directors and marketers, so they think everybody is the same. If you complain too much, they de-cast you within a twinkle of an eye, telling you there are thousand and one girls ready to pay huge amount for the role you just got free.”

12 Juliet Patrick Odigwe Instagram Page Account Handle julietpatrickodigwe 

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