Meet Olivet Odigwe: Tevriss Fashion Designer, Biography, Age, Family, Parents, Sister, Instagram, Birthday, Net Worth, Wiki

About Olivet Odigwe: Tevriss Fashion Designer, Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Sisters, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother, Actress Sister Juliet Patrick Odigwe, Olivet Ebuka Nelson Odigwe (CEO Tevriss. a.k.a Tevriss )

Who Is Olivet Odigwe: Tevriss?

Olivet Odigwe aka Tevriss is an award winning Nigerian fashion designer who is popular for his styles and designs. Olivet Odigwe is the CEO, owner of Tevriss LMT,  a brand influencer with a large followership on Instagram.

Tattooed Olivet Ebuka Odigwe 'Tevriss' was Born on March, 10, his birthday. He is from Anambra state. He is from a family 9 including his parents. They are 7 children - 4 boys and 3 girls. One of Olivet Odigwe Tevriss sisters, Juliet Patrick is a Nollywood actress. His father and mother are all alive.
Olivet Odigwe parents - father and mother 

Olivet Odigwe nollywood actress sister, Juliet Patrick 

 Olivet Odigwe and his siblings - brothers and sisters
Olivet Odigwe childhood throwback family picture with siblings 

Olivet Odigwe doesn't flaunt his wife, girlfriend, relationship or marital status on Instagram or Twitter.

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