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Meet Teddy Ovo, Kupe Boys, Bio, Wiki, Age,  Birthday, Real Name, Teddy Morisseau Model, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram Account, Videos, Pictures

Teddy Ovo is Brazilian handsome model and fitness coach who became popular after their viral Kupe Boys video of them doing the Kupe Challenge.
Teddy Ovo was born on July 19. That's his birthday.

Teddy Morisseau bio,  wiki,  instagram,  profile 

Teddy Ovo real name is Teddy Morisseau

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A group of four strapping young men became overnight celebrities given birth to by social media. Based in France, the four handsome men, Teddy Ovo, Habitu Etoi, Jim Seuh and Yoyo, broke the African internet in 2018 with their sizzling entry to the #KupeChallenge. The four men were fundamental in morphing an online dance competition into an invitation for groups to post synchronized, low-level thirst traps on the internet. The trendy moment became an opportunity for both men and women to come together and showcase their good looks while trying out only the easiest parts of a rather complicated dance move.
 Teddy Ovo and Jim Seuh

But no one looked better than the Kupe Boys. Theirs was just one entry among thousands, but a combination of the foursome’s sex appeal and smooth choreography set it apart. Within a short time, the Kupe Boys became the object of affection for many women, and men for that matter, across the continent.

The quartet has maximized their newfound fame. Teddy, Habitu and Jim are fitness coaches with varying degrees of allergies to wearing clothes. Even though they had already developed a following individually, it is improbable that the three of them ever had this much free publicity to promote their work. Also, the more familiar their faces and muscles became, the more people wanted to see them. So, the Kupe Boys began taking bookings to perform. Arguably their biggest booking has come from Nigeria. Three out of the four boys jetted to Abuja and Lagos in 2018. It’s indeed ironic that the Kupe Boys were booked to perform a dance they didn’t create to a song they didn’t help record.

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