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Who Is Habitue Toi?
All About Habituetoi Habitue Toi

Habituetoi is a muscular Musical artist, a model with Nevs Model Agency, an athlete, a gym coach and fitness enthusiast, a YouTuber. Habituetoi is a half Ghanaian and half Togolese. That's his nationality. Habituetoi date of birth and birthday - Habituetoi was born on August 5. Habituetoi fondly called Habi, his full real name is Habitue Toi Giovanni Abotsi

HABITUETOI is the CEO of Callus Coaching alongside his friend Jimseuh. He is a fitness coach and a basketball player as well. HABITUETOI real name is Giovanni Abotsi.

Habituetoi was part of the viral Kupe Boys video with Jimseu.

Habituetoi Instagram Profile
Public Figure
@nevsmodels 🇬🇧
@fashionnovamen ambassador
YouTuber 🎥

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