Surrogate Mothers In Nigeria: Meet Women Who Carry Pregnancy For Other Nigerian Women For 9 Months
Welcome to the world of surrogacy: women who carry another woman's baby in the womb for nine months. (Photos, Video)

"I can carry pregnancy for anybody, as long as the person will be happy at last." - Mayowa surrogate mother for a couple looking for a child for the past 17 years tell BBC Pidgin.

Most surrogate mothers usually carry pregnancy for couples who can't carry pregnancy in their womb due to one reason or another.

Mayowa say after she gives birth, the parents of the baby will compensate her, mostly with money, to show appreciation for the help she did for them.

Another Nigerian surrogate mother, Favour George, says to be a surrogate mother, they will check your health to see if you are fit, then take care of you throughout the pregnancy.

Olaronke Thaddeus that started online platform for people to connect surrogate mothers, says "surrogacy is priceless!!!"

Her platform connects surrogate mothers, egg donors, sperm donors, surrogacy lawyers, agencies and fertility clinics.

Surrogacy is a big thing in other countries and popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union used surrogacy to have their children.

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