Meet Son Of Ebonylips: Shade Iyalaje Davies Son Says Girls Are Chasing Him In School (Video, Photos)
The Girls In My School Are Chasing Me And It's Annoying - Ebonylips' Son

London-based Nigerian Vlogger, Shade Davies Iyalaje aka Ebonylips shows off her British-Nigerian son.

The young boy was asked by her mother what happened in school today. Speakingiin British accent, he said girls were chasing him. That it's annoying. That he just wants to concentrate in school, graduate and make his mum proud.

Sharing the video of her son, Ebonylips wrote:

"This is so funny, my son always make me so proud and happy, he just wants to face his education not girls running after him that's what he said 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bless him, always catch up with your kids every single day when they're back from school, so you can get to know them more and know what's going on, I talk to my kids every single day after school so I can know what's going on in their life and school, he's the best in his class and he's the youngest in his class, he carried excellent grades and he never lets me down same as my daughter, you my think I'm this and that but when it comes to my kids nobody comes close enough to them, 
#Bestkids #BestMum"

Ebonylips is married to a British man.

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