Details Of Tchidi Chikere And Sola Sobowale Story (Pictures)

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Tchidi Chikere and Sola Sobowale

Tchidi Chikere and Sola Sobowale are two popular Nollywood stars who have had good working relationships.

In his second edition of his 'MY NOLLYWOOD JOURNEY', Tchidi Chikere tells an interesting story of his working relationship with, popular actress, Sola Sobowale.

He shared a throwback photo with Sola Sobowale and wrote:

MY NOLLYWOOD JOURNEY: She heard I was in London and she came over to say Hi. She said she was taking a break from acting and working in London cos she wanted to be closer to her children and give them the best. She was determined and ever the combination of the graceful mare and shall I say female stallion? That was in 2005.

Yes this picture was taken in 2005 in London Victoria. I was on a trip to the UK with P Collins of P Collins productions and (reflected in the mirror) Onyeka of Ossy Affason productions. Back to Aunty Toyin Tomatoe as I liked to call her. 

She has left a well paying Nollywood career to come work a regular job in London all for her children. Now if that is not the zenith of maternal love, tell me what is! I was pained at her relocation at the time because we had filmed two very great movies and were just fostering a great professional connection. We filmed The Outsider; with uncle Jide Kosovo. Clarion Chukwura. Emeka Enyiocha. Omotola Jalade and Ofiah Mbaka. And it was a great movie. 

Aunty Shola was perfect in her role and so we invited her soon after that to film The Messenger: starring Uncle Richard Mofe Damijo. Igwe Laz Ekwueme, my ex wife Sophia (Williams) and the delectable Stella Damasus. We would all ride in the bus back from the epic farm settlement community where we filmed( there was no kidnapping then and you could foray into the bushes with villagers at no risk to yourself) playing songs of Sir Warrior and his grown kids on the bus stereo. Aunty Shola did not speak the Igbo language, but she quickly learnt the chorus line and would jovially join RMD to sing the ‘’ebe sheki ga e sheki ga ooo!’’ chorus. She was jovial! We all laughed and bore the joy and pain of late night return trips from outskirts of hidden communities whose myriads of bush paths would have swallowed us if it were today. 

I only made two movies with Aunty Shola before she left and when she came back she was KING OF THE BOYS and more. Her art had taken a near burnished in gold shine. She definitely took those years off and made herself and her skill into something exceptional. 

I have spoken with her once since her return to book a filming date , but as expected she was already booked for the days i wanted . 
She remains one person I d really really love to see in front of my camera again. Sending her all her flowers here and hoping we get to film a great movie again soon. ❤️

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