Queeneth Hilbert: Mercy Johnson & Angela Okorie Decasted Me In Uche Nancy Movie

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Details Of Queeneth Hilbert Vs Mercy Johnson And Angela Okorie Fight Over A Role In Uche Nancy Production!
Queeneth Hilbert vs Angela Okorie

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert has called out her senior colleagues, Mercy Johnson and Angela Okorie over how they decasted her in Uche Nancy Production years back.

This is coming after Angela Okorie accused her former best friend, Mercy Johnson of juju and tying people with her late mother.

Queeneth Hilbert took the opportunity to expose what the two former best friends - Angela Okorie a Mercy Johnson did to her.

She thanked a filmmaker, Chinedu Arinze and wrote:

"Dear Ochineduarinze I know I haven't thanked you for helping me go to Angela's room to beg her because she decasted me in Uche Nancy's job. God will continue to bless you forever Amen ,,‘"

Dear @chineduarinze_ You’re Gods sent! 😍

I remember how Mercy Johnson decasted me on set

Of besties and because she was so close to Angela.

She also decasted me too in UCHE NANCY’s PRODUCTION. None of them accepted Me in that job. I was downcast and bedridden !

@chineduarinze_ came to me where I was crying and told me Queen nobody cares about upcomers and took me to Angela’s room to beg her chai 😢


Queeneth Hilbert Drags Angela Okorie

Queeneth Hilbert has blasted Angela Okorie for calling out Mercy Johnson after what the two actresses did to her.

You whey take oath too nko? 🤷‍♀️

Making noise up and down 🤣

Jesus you do this one oooo 💃🏻

When you were busy bullying upcomers with the person you're dragging today, you no know 

Both are wrong and karma is a BITCH ! le 

What you sow is what you reap !!! 

Nobody knows tomorrow

Queeneth Hilbert has risen to become currently one of the hottest and popular actresses in Asaba, featuring in many movies in lead roles.

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