Pictures Of Eku Edewor & Her Twin Sister, Kessiana Odunsi Thorley

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Meet The Edewor Twins: Eku Edewor and Kessiana Odunsi Edewor Thorley Photos, Age,  Siblings, Brother, Life Story, Details, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Husband, Children
Eku Edewor Twin Sister

Eku Edewor and Kessiana Odunsi Edewor-Thorley Twin Sisters

Is Eku Edewor a Twin?
Yes! Eku Edewor is a twin. The name of Eku Edewor twin sister is Kessiana Odunsi Edewor Thorley.

Eku Edewor and her twin sibling sister, Kessiana Odunsi née Edewor-Thorley were born on the same day 18 December 1986 in London, England.
Kessiana and Eku Edewor Childhood Baby Throwback photo

Edewor twins, Eku Edewor and Kessiana Odunsi Edewor-Thorley are 38 years old as at December 2024.

Kessiana and Eku Edewor Twins and Michael Jackson

Kessiana Odunsi Edewor-Thorley and her Eku Edewor are identical twins. Kessiana is a little bit taller than Eku Edewor. They are mixed and biracial twins with a Nigerian mother and a British father.
Kessiana Edewor-Thorley is the slightly taller twin of Nigeria’s Queen of the Red Carpet, Eku Edewor

They often celebrate their birthday together with beautiful pictures.

The Edewor Twins Parents are Mr Hugh Thorley (British dad) and Mrs Juliana Edewor (Nigerian mother). Their parents divorced long time ago and they remarried.

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley and Eku Edewor Brother

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley and Eku Edewor Brother and their mum

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley and Eku Edewor have a younger sibling brother called Rhodes Thorley.

Kessiana Odunsi Edewor-Thorley

Who Is Kessiana Edewor-Thorley?
Bio Wiki: Kessiana Odunsi Edewor-Thorley (18 December 1986) is a British-Nigerian model, interior, fashion, and furniture designer. 
Kessiana Edewor-Thorley is Eku Edewor's biological twin sister.
Eku Edewor twin sister, Kessiana Odunsi is married to her husband Mr Jide Odunsi, a Yoruba man and an entrepreneur.
Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Kessiana Odunsi and her husband, Jide Odunsi got married in December 2020 in Lagos. 
Kessiana Odunsi Edewor-Thorley and Her Husband, Jide Odunsi

Kessiana Edewor-Thorley moved her civil ceremony and reception from London to Lagos, Nigeria, due to the spread of COVID-19.

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