Details Of Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) First & Second Wife, Pictures (Anita Isama Vs Ivy Ifeoma)

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Everything To Known About Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) And His Ex Wife (First Wife) And Second Wife (New Wife) - Anita Isama Okoye & Ivy Ifeoma Iboko, Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) Wives, Wife's Name, Pictures, Photos, Images, Age, Tribe. Paul Okoye First Marriage, Wedding & Second Marriage
Pictures of Paul Okoye Rudeboy 2 Wives (First Wife Anita Isama and Second Wife Ivy Ifeoma Iboko)

Paul Okoye Wife: First Wife and Second Wife

Paul Okoye and his first Wife, Anita Isama

Paul Okoye and his Second Wife (Ivy Ifeoma Iboko)

Who Is Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) Wife?
The name of Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) current wife is Ivy Ifeoma Iboko. She is tall, beautiful and from Abia State.

Paul Okoye and his New Wife, Ivy Ifeoma

The name of Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) ex wife is Anita Isama. She is beautiful and hails from Rivers State. Her full name is Anita Isama Tony. Anita Okoye tribe is Kalabari - a tribe in Rivers state, Nigeria.

Paul Okoye and his ex wife, Anita Isama

About Paul Okoye Second Wife (New Wife) Ivy Ifeoma Iboko

Paul Okoye New Wife

Who Is Paul Okoye's New Wife (Second Wife)? The name of Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) second wife and new wife is Ivy Ifeoma Iboko aka Ivy Zenny. She is from Igbere, Abia State, Nigeria. She is Igbo by tribe.

Ivy Ifeoma aka Ivy Zenny whose full name is Ivy Ifeoma Iboko (born  23 September 2000) is Paul Okoye Rudeboy's second (new) wife. She hails from Igbere, a town in Abia State.

Ivy Ifeoma Iboko aka Ivy Zenny is a Nigerian Digital creator, Brand/ Fashion/ Beauty/Lifestyle Influencer. 
She is the owner of The Ivy Mark - a Female Clothing Brand.
Rudeboy New Wife, Ivy Ifeoma

42-year-old P'square Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy got married to 23-year-old Ivy Ifeoma Iboko aka Ivy Zenny as his new, current wife on 25th of May 2024 in her village in Igbere, Abia, 2 years after his divorce from his first wife, Anita Okoye - Isama.

Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) is 19 years Older than his new wife, Ivy Ifeoma Iboko.
Paul Okoye and his new wife, Ivy Ifeoma are allegedly expecting their first child together. 
Ivy Ifeoma is reportedly pregnant with her first child for Paul Okoye.

About Paul Okoye First Wife
Who Is Paul Okoye Rudeboy's First Wife?
Paul Okoye First Wife (Ex Wife) Pictures

The name of Paul Okoye's first wife (ex wife) is Anita Okoye (née Isama). She is a lawyer and currently lives in the United States of America with their 3 children.
Anita Isama Okoye (Paul Okoye Ex Wife) and Children in the US

Anita Isama

Anita Isama aka Anita Okoye (born 8 November 1988) is Paul Okoye Rudeboy's ex wife. She is a business entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where she lives with her kids. She studied law in the University.

How Old is Paul Okoye's First Wife? Paul Okoye Rudeboy's first wife, Anita Isama is 37 years old as at 2024. She was born on 8 November 1988. Paul Okoye is 7 years older than his first Wife (ex Wife) Anita Isama.

Paul Okoye and his first wife, Anita Isama got married in 2014. They were married for 8 years before the marriage crashed and they divorced in 2022.
Paul Okoye was 33 years old When he married his First wife, Anita Isama. 
He was 42 years old when he got married to his second wife, Ivy Ifeoma.

After the divorce in December 2022, the court granted joint custody of the children to Anita Isama and Paul Okoye.

Why Paul Okoye Ex Wife, Anita Isama, Divorced Him

Five Allegations Anita Okoye Levelled Against Her Ex Husband Paul Okoye:

1 Cheating/Infidelity: Anita Okoye accused Paul Okoye of cheating and having an affair with one of their house helps, called ‘Florence’. 
Paul Okoye allegedly threw his first wife, Anita Isama and her sister out of his house in June 2020, after they caught him having illicit affair with their maid.

The court petition reads, “That I know as a fact that the Respondent on 11th June 2020, threw the petitioner’s sister and me out of the house after we discovered that he had started an illicit affair with one of the house helps by name Florence.”
Paul Okoye New Wife and Ex Wife (Ivy Ifeoma Iboko vs Anita Isama)

2 Separation: Paul Okoye allegedly sent his wife, Anita Okoye packing out of his house to ‘clip her wings”, which suggests that the couple were not living together, as it was not also stated if Anita returned home.

“That I know as a fact that while sending I and petitioner’s sister packing, the Respondent also boasted that the reason for his actions was to ensure that the Petitioner’s wings were clipped and that she had no one else to lean on."

3 Absentee Parent (Father): Anita Okoye accused her ex husband, Paul Okoye of not showing interest in the upbringing of their 3 children.

 “That I know as a fact that the Respondent has shown minimal interest in the upbringing of the children and rarely participates in the discipline of the children.

“I know the Respondent has always been travelling on music tours and is barely at home and does not have time for family life.”

4 Fraud: Anita Isama Okoye accused Paul Okoye of cheating her out of a deal to build a mall to be jointly owned.

Anita Okoye said she contributed N10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Naira) , and they had an agreement that she would be granted space at the mall upon completion. Upon completion of the mall, Rudeboy allegedly reneged on the agreement and failed to give Anita Isama Okoye a space in the mall.

5 Painful Experiences: Anita Okoye's close friend claimed that Anita had endured a lot of ‘painful’ experiences in the marriage while it lasted.


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