Uju Okoli & Frederick Leonard, Nosa Rex Relationship, Pictures

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Uju Okoli Dated Nosa Rex, Nkechi Nnaji Exposed Them, Uju Okoli Now Dating Frederick Leonard - Cutie Juls (Relationships, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Dating, Wedding, Married)

Details Of Uju Okoli's Relationship, Love Affair With Nosa Rex & Frederick Leonard By Cutie Juls

Uju Okoli And Nosa Rex (Babarex) Relationship: Did Nosa Rex Date Uju Okoli?

Nosa Rex (Babarex) and Uju Okoli

Uju Okoli and Nosa Rex aka Babarex allegedly were dating according to Cutie Juls, an Instagram blogger. Uju Okoli is not married but Nosa Rex is married. Cutie Juls alleged that Nosa Rex cheated on his wife with Uju Okoli.

Thefamousnaija cannot confirm if Nosa Rex and Uju Okoli really dated but they are colleagues and close friends who have featured in movies together.

Cutie Juls talking about the alleged relationship between Nosa Rex Babarex and Uju Okoli wrote:

"I remember when Uju nearly use kpekus juice commot sense from Babarex brain, Na Nk£ch! Nnaj! cast their matter after that London trip.

Nkech! casted them since her own with Kelechi did not work.😫😫😫"

Uju Okoli, Nosa Rex, Nkechi Nnaji

Nkechi Nnaji Denies Exposing Uju Okoli & Nosa Rex Alleged Affair

Reacting to Cutie Juls post about Uju Okoli, Nosa Rex and herself, Nkechi Nnaji commented on the post:

"Weyrey said I casted them coz my relationship failed! Lol.. Casted them where & when? To my best of knowledge, they were NOTHING BUT COLLEAGUES.. Whether they were knacking or not, I had / have no idea cutie. Pls comot my name from your gist cutie Leave me alone weyrey!!!"

Cutie Juls fired back;

"@thenkechinnaji NK how are you? Madam you casted them. I am saying it with my full chest. E remain only goats and fowls that you didn't tell in the industry. Have you settled with Uju now or you people still dey quarrel? She don unblock you? Rex too, he don unblock you or you still dey block list? Happy Sunday my love 4"

Uju Okoli and Frederick Leonard

Uju Okoli And Frederick Leonard Relationship: Are Frederick Leonard and Uju Okoli Dating?
Uju Okoli And Frederick Leonard Relationship: Are They Dating?

Uju Okoli And Frederick Leonard Relationship: Are Frederick Leonard and Uju Okoli Dating?

Uju Okoli and Frederick Leonard are allegedly 'currently dating' according to Cutie Juls who posted the story on Instagram.

CutieJuls claims that Frederick Leonard is cheating on his wife, Peggy Ovire with Uju Okoli.

She posted: 


"Anyway, for the koko wey dey ground. Uju is now knacking Mr L.

Hmmm Nollywood gehs, Abeg make I ask, did they use people’s husband to swear for Una?

Mr L hasn’t been home since March when madam porshue am commot for house. But as gist don cast now, Ruth call them quickly make them package and settle.

But Cutie no care cuz no be she dey suffer. 😫😫"

Micklypain commented on the post: 

"So uju is knacking Fredrick Leonard aaaa that Nollywood they don't love each other."

Frederick Leonard Celebrates Uju Okoli on Her Birthday With Love Note, Uju Reacts With Romantic Words, Fans Worried

Frederick Leonard shared a photo of Uju Okoli in Wedding gown to celebrate her birthday in April 2024 with romantic birthday post. He wrote;

"My Baddoski ! @officialujuokoli

You know that I Love You so much❤️

Happy Birthday 🍷"

Uju Okoli reacted to Frederick Leonard's birthday post with romantic words. She wrote,

"My BADDO....you are one of the realest human I have met all my life....a TRUE FRIEND in whom I can lay all my burdens on.....THANK YOUIP...13 reasons I can't let go off this friendship 

Originality Honesty Kindness Loyalty Dependability Thoughtfulness Listening Openness Humor Helpfulness Wisdom Intelligence Genuineness Much love BADDO 411. "

A worried fan, @mhizkachina reacted to Frederick Leonard's post: 

"gossipmillnaija or instablog go twist ds birthday caption nah saying Nollywood actor fredrick leonard is confessing love to his fellow nollywood actress n she goes by d name ujuokoli, these blogs dem are set of cr@zy pple"


freddieleonard replied "@mhizkachina yup. Cos they know that the majority of people who follow them are dumb Fuvks ! They understand their market. 

Another fan, Cheftianas_kitchen wrote: "No o my husband will not celebrate another woman like this publicly. I no g ree."

Meanwhile, Frederick Leonard and Uju Okoli have acted together as husband and wife onscreen couple.

Photos Of Frederick Leonard and Uju Okoli

Frederick Leonard and Uju Okoli fun photos

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