Salem King & Jesi Damina Married, Wedding Pictures (Husband & Wife)

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Jesi Damina and Salem King Traditional Wedding Pictures

Salem King Married, Wife

Jesi Damina Husband (Jesimiel Damina Married)

Salem King and Jesi Damina are now married as husband and wife in a traditional marriage ceremony that depicted the Kudaru people, a tribe in Kaduna state and Edo tribe.

Jesi Damina husband, Salem King is a handsome young content creator from Kaduna State.

Salem King wife, Jesi Damina is a young writer, actress and entrepreneur from Kaduna state but based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Jesi Damina and her husband, Salem King dated for a few years and got engaged in 2024 in a beautiful engagement ceremony with family members.

Jesi Damina Pre-Wedding Photo

Salem King and his wife, Jesi Damina shared their Pre-Wedding Photos on Instagram and their fans and colleagues were excited.

Salem King Pre-Wedding picture

Reacting to Jesi Damina and Salem King traditional marriage ceremony Photos and videos, Eniola wrote:

Wait. What! I have seen the invitation and all but never did I take cognisance that it was JESI.... You and Jesi are getting married???? EMI Oh! Melt my soul. Congratulations my fays!!!.... Y0000000000000000000000!!!! Let's Shut It Down! A A A God bless your new home! Love You Both

Traditional Marriage: Jesimiel Demina and Salem King got married in a traditional wedding ceremony on Friday, 13th April 2024. 

Jesi Demina and Salem King White Wedding: Salem King and Jesi Demina are getting married in a white wedding in the bride's father's church in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
Jesi Demina is Dr. Abel Damina's second daughter. Her father is a pastor.
Pastor Abel Damina at his daughter's wedding 

About The Bride

Who is Jesi Demina?
Bio Wiki: Jesi Demina whose real name is Jesimiel Demina (born 5 October 1995) is the 28-year-old second daughter of Pastor Abel Damina and the sister of Jemima and Jeiel Demina.

Jesi Demina is a screenwriter, music artist, content Creator/writer, Best Friends in the World star. 

Jesimiel Demina celebrates her 29th birthday on 5 October 2024.

Jesi Demina hails from Kaduna state. She is a native of Kudaru. Her tribe is Kudaru. Kudaru is a town in Lere Local Government Area in southern Kaduna state.

About the Groom

Who is Salem King?
Bio Wiki: Salem King whose full name is Salem King Ibrahim (born 9 August 1990s) is a Nigerian Internet personality, content creator and social media strategist.

Salem King is Jesi Demina's husband and Pastor (Dr) Abel Damina's son-in-law.

Salem King is a native of Kaduna state, Nigeria. He graduated with a Degree in Economics from Madonna University in 2014.
Salem King is about 31 - 32 years old. He was born on 9 August in early 1990s.

UJAI EVENTS, an Akwa Ibom event planner/ wedding planner planned their event: 

"It was lovely working with my beautiful couple to achieve phase 1 of their dream Edo & Kaduna traditional wedding in Akwaibom ❤️

#SKJD24 #SalemandJesi"

Congratulations to the young couple. We wish them many children, sons and daughters as they want.

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