Pictures Of Okoronkwo Ejike: Man Sued By Mercy Chinwo & Husband

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Meet Okoronkwo Ejike The Man Who Accused Mercy Chinwo, Husband Blessed Uzochikwa & Nathaniel Bassey Of Adultery & Cheating + Facebook Users Reactions, Okoronkwo Ejike Arrested, Court, Okoronkwo Ejike Biography, Wikipedia, Age, State Of Origin, Details, All about Okoronkwo Ejike and Mercy Chinwo Story 

Who Is Okoronkwo Ejike?

Okoronkwo Ejike is a Nigerian Facebook influencer sued by Mercy Chinwo, her husband Blessed Uzochikwa and Nathaniel Bassey after he accused them of cheating and adultery over their son's photo.

Ejike Okoronkwo is the originator and the first person who posted defamatory comment about Mercy Chinwo's child. He later apologized and deactivated his Facebook page after his apology.

I Hereby Tender An Unreserved Apology To Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey and Pastor Blessed” – Okoronkwo Ejike Apologizes

A troll called, Okoronkwo Ejike has tendered an apology to gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo and husband, Pastor Blessed.

Okoronkwo Ejike had taken to Facebook to question the paternity of the singer’s son, Charis.

Okoronkwo Ejike posted on his Facebook handle, claiming the baby looked exactly like gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey.

He added that the child belongs to Bassey and nobody can tell him otherwise.

Ejike further hinted at the possibility of a romantic affair between the gospel singers which could have led to the baby.

He wrote: “This is the true face of Mercy Chinwo’s child she was hiding after giving birth. But the truth is that this little baby looks exactly like Singer Nathaniel Bassey.

“Nothing anybody wan reason me oh, this child is Nathaniel Bassey’s baby, just maybe there was a secret away match that occurred, otherwise how can we make empirical sense of this.”

The post went viral attracting severe backlash from netizens.

This forced him to apologise.

He wrote: “I hereby tender an unreserved apology to Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey and Pastor Blessed for my take on the striking resemblance of Pastor Blessed’s baby.

“And to everyone who got hurt over my post, I’m deeply very sorry."

Okoronkwo Ejike: Nathaniel Bassey Petitions IGP Over Defamation
Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, to investigate and prosecute four persons - Okoronkwo Ejike, Kingsley Ibeh, Terrence Ekot and Dj Spoiltkid - who he accused of criminal defamation and cyberstalking.

He submitted the petition to the IGP on April 1, 2024, through his lawyers, Peter Abraham, Uche Matthew, Gbenga Agunloye, and Anthony Abia.

Court Summons Okoronkwo Ejike, 4 Other Persons For Defamation Of Mercy Chinwo 

Blessed Uzochikwa and his wife, Mercy Chinwo have sued Okoronkwo Ejike and 4 others for defamation.

The complainants in the matter are Blessed Uzochikwa and Mercy Chinwo while the five defendants are Okoronkwo Ejike, Kingsley Ibeh, DJ Spoiltkid, Terrence Ekot, and Samuel Agozie.

The suit stemmed from posts made by the defendants last week after the gospel singer and her husband posted a picture of their son on Instagram. After the picture of the baby, who was born in 2023, was posted, the defendants alleged that there was a resemblance between the baby and another gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey, and claimed that he was the father, an allegation that went viral.

Facebook User Call Out Okoronkwo Ejike 

Fantastic James LP: See the face of the guy we may be raising hashtags for soon. #freeEjikesoon. 
See dressing Na. 
No body will arrest you. 
It takes ₦750 to feed one prison inmate daily, Government shouldn't spend money on this one. He is already going through alot.

Charles Ogbu: Under section 24 of the CyberCrime Act which talks about Cyber Stalking, what Okoronkwo Ejike did here carries a three year sentence or an option of N7000000 (seven million naira only) fine or both. 

All it requires is for either Mercy Chinwo or Nathaniel Bassey to report this to the police and it will be treated as a CRIMINAL act

The law aside, does this even seem fair to say about your fellow human being??

NB: baby's face blurred by me.

Goodyluv Beauty Palace: Okoronkwo Ejike it is too late to tender apology,upon all the things happening on internet a woman like you do not have sence, why did you delete your first post and lock yourself up in the second post,try and open comment section if you are a complete woman.

Abara Amaka: I have just unfriended myself from that Okoronkwo Ejike, his nuisance is becoming too much.

Mercy was never pregnant before wedding, this claim questions her fidelity in marriage and I know she won't take it lying down.

Babies changes faces while growing up, but if I were Mercy Chinwo, I'd do the DNA and make sure I get the he-diot arrested for defamation and attempt to destroy my marriage.


So Okoronkwo Ejike told the world that Mercy Chinwo's Son is from Singer Nathaniel Bassey and he meant it. He used the post to gain mileage and turn around to apologise. 

Where do people buy guts from to defame their fellow humans? 

If I were to be Mercy Chinwo, I will sue him for defamation, cyber stalking and claim damages. 

What arrant audacity to do this in this era of DNA? Husbands are suspecting wives; wives are suspecting husbands. Some are suspecting the kids they are training are not theirs. 

One efulefu buys data, post that someone's children is not his? Aswear you will explain in court. Shey very dark man don calm down after accusing the Police hierarchy of Isa Isa. May this guy be the next.

Fantastic James LP: Hello Mr Ejike, I hope you are aware that a petition has been made against for criminal defamation to the police at the instance of Mr Nathaniel Bassey. 
We need you to no gree for anybody, you hear? 
You better use 4national dailies to beg him. 

Ogochukwu V: The picture on his profile already shows how empty his head is. When they get them picked up they start the emotional games.

Source TheFamousNaija 


strands said…
Shame to the devil, keep on moving forward dear. Beautiful couple.
Vin said…
So what happened to the case? Was it later dropped? Seems no one gave any update about it after the petition
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