Dead or Alive? Destiny Etiko Rejects Death Prophecy By Karma President, Abel Boma (Pictures, Videos)

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Destiny Etiko Rejects Karma President & Prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma Death Prophecies 

What Happened To Destiny Etiko? Is Destiny Etiko Dead or Alive? Karma President Prophecies About Destiny Etiko Being Poisoned: Prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma Prophecy About Destiny Etiko: Real or Fake Prophesy

Nothing happened to Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko!
No! Destiny Etiko is not dead. She is alive and healthy. Destiny Etiko was never poison by her friend or any other actress or actor.

Two prophets - a Ghanaian prophet and a Nigerian prophet had prophesied that Destiny Etiko may be poisoned by her jealous friends, people close to her, actresses, her colleagues.

The first death and poison prophecy about Destiny Etiko came from a Ghanaian Seer called Karma President and a Nigerian pastor prophet Abel T Boma.

Ghanaian Prophet: Karma President's Prophecy About Destiny Etiko

Karma President is the name of the Ghanaian prophet and seer who prophecied about the impending poison of Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko and the death of Junior Pope.

He warned Destiny Etiko about her colleagues who are envious of her success and want to poison her.
Karma President

"Destiny Etiko, some women are trying to poison her in the Nigerian movie industry. They want to poison her because Destiny Etiko is annoying them and making it in life. Destiny Etiko when you go on set, please be careful.” - Karma President warned the Nigerian star actress.

The lady with Karma President told him to advise Destiny Etiko to stop sleeping with people's husbands. The man said Destiny Etiko used to sleep with people's husband but has stopped it. 😂

Prophet Abel T Boma Prophecy About Destiny Etiko

Your Female Friends Are Not Happy With You Because Of Your Shape & The Favour You Receive From Men — Pastor Abel Boma To Destiny Etiko

You have so many enemies you aren’t aware of. Your female colleagues are not happy with you over the favors you get from men — Nigerian prophet joins his Ghanaian counterpart to warn actress Destiny Etiko
Prophet Abel Boma

Abel Boma whose full name is Prophet Abel Tamunominabo Boma is the Nigerian pastor and prophet who prophesied about Destiny Etiko poison. He is based in Port Harcourt.

He specifically pointed out the discontent brewing among Destiny Etiko's female colleagues due to the perceived special treatment she receives from her male associates.
Destiny Etiko Friends: The names of Destiny Etiko's close friends are Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, Ekene Umenwa, Ruby Orjiakor, among others.

Destiny Etiko's enemy is Luchy Donalds. Destiny Etiko and Luchy Donalds are both curvy Nollywood actresses but they are not in good terms. They fight over superiority. Luchy Donalds accused Destiny Etiko of preventing others from shining in Nollywood and also accused Destiny of doing plastic surgery. Destiny Etiko fired back at her. They don't see eye-to-eye.

Destiny Etiko The Nollywood Super Star
Destiny Etiko is currently the biggest Nollywood actress in Asaba and Enugu. She stands out with her curvy shape and her talent which have opened doors for her.
Destiny Etiko currently has two houses - mansions in Enugu. She first built a house in her village for her parents. She drives flashy cars. She is currently the hottest and most sought after actress in Nigeria.

Destiny Etiko is now the Liz Benson, the Genevieve, and the Mercy Johnson of her time.

Destiny Etiko Reacts To Poison & Death Prophecies About Her, Rejects Death Prophecy

Beautiful Nollywood star actress, Destiny Etiko has rejected the death and poison prophecy about her.

The actress who is a Catholic Church member rejected the death Prophecy through her Instagram story on 14th of April 2024. 
She shared Bible quotation Psalm 118 Vs 17 which reads:

I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.

I’m not scared. I’m a child of destiny. Nothing will happen to me because I’ve done no wrong to anyone— Actress Destiny Etiko tearfully reacts after two prophets warned her about her colleagues who want to ‘send her to the other side of life’

TheFamousNaija prays for Destiny Etiko. No evil formed against her shall prosper. She shall not die but live!

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