₦500 Million Copyright Suits: Appeal Court Affirms Davies Iyiegbu Landmark Victory Vs Globacom Limited

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₦500 Million Copyright Suits: Appeal Court Affirms Davies Iyiegbu Landmark Victory Vs Globacom Limited

The Nigerian court of appeal has reaffirmed that software developer Davies Iyiegbu and CEO of Torley Nigeria is the copyright holder of mobile recharge card advertisement in Nigeria and has sustained all 3 arguments against Globacom Nigeria Limited. 

Davies Iyiegbu has again won Globacom for what is considered one of the biggest copyright lawsuits in Nigeria and spanning over 10 years in court represented by The Chamber of Paul C Ananamba (SAN), which sued Globacom in 2013 on behalf of Davies Iyiegbu, were determined to bring GLO to justice and set an exemplary deterrent to companies who thrive on Intellectual property theft.

The court of appeal agreed with the Federal High Court judgements and awarded damages against Globacom. 

You recall that in 2014, the original lawsuit was filed with the lower court, legal tussle has ensured between Davies Iyiegbu and Globacom Limited filed at the Federal Hight court, in Lagos with suit Number FHC/L/CS/609, there were overwhelming evidence against Globacom including video recordings of the meetings, events leading up and after the discussion.

After review of evidence which involved visits, videos, emails, calls and physical exhibits, the court determined that Globacom infringed on Davies Iyiegbu’s copyright which was issued by the Nigerian Copyright Commission by carrying out 3rd party advertisement on printed recharge card, after series of meetings and negotiations were on going with Davies.

Davies has gone on to build multiple businesses such as the Study in Europe Mobile App, Torley Nigeria Champagne brand and is an author of an Amazon best seller book on entrepreneurship titled “Foreignpreneur”: which helps to share the story of how to build a business and overcoming challenges and dependencies of your success. 

In a statement Davies said “This victory Is for creatives, and a testament that no matter how long justice takes, if you stand for your invention and stay strong you will be eventually victorious. The Nigerian youths are one of the smartest in the world and today we have demonstrated that, and I want to thank the Nigerian justice system for setting a deterrent to big multinational companies who steal ideas that can help foster a vibrant economy in Nigeria.”


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