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Mohbad Wife, Son, Child Pictures, Photos Images

Omowunmi Aloba Pictures, Photos, Biography, Wikipedia, Images, Instagram, TikTok

History Of Omowunmi Aloba: Everything To Know About Mohbad Wife (Omowunmi Aloba) Aka c33why Profile, Husband, Parents, Child, Son, Boyfriend, Family, Mohbad Baby Mama

Who is Mohbad's wife?
Who is Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba
Who is Omowunmi Aloba?

Biography Wikipedia: Omowunmi Aloba aka C33why (born 29 April 1999) is a Nigerian Linguist and Mohbad's Wife. She is the mother of late singer, Mohbad's son.

Her Net Worth is about $100,000 US Dollars estimated at about ₦80,000,000 Million US Dollars as at 2023.

Omowunmi Aloba is the 24-year-old wife of Mohbad aka Imole, the late Nigerian musician. She was born on 29th April 1999. She is 24 years old as at 2023. Mohbad's wife, Omowunmi Aloba celebrates her 25th birthday in 2024.

Wunmi Omowunmi Aloba whose full name is Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba is a Yoruba Christian by tribe. She hails from Lagos State, South West part of Nigeria.

She was born into a Christian family to her parents. Her father and mother are both still alive. She has other siblings brothers and sisters whose names are unavailable.

Omowunmi Aloba got married to her boyfriend turned husband, Mohbad aka Imole whose real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba and they have a child together, a son called Liam Aloba Eyinmofeoluwa.
Omowunmi Aloba and Mohbad welcomed their only child together on 12th of April 2023 after they got married.

Mohbad Wife, Name, Pictures: Who is Mohbad's Wife? The name of Mohbad Wife is Omowunmi Aloba aka C33why. She is a Linguist and 24 years old as at 2023. She hails from Lagos State, Nigeria.
Picture of Mohbad and His Wife, Omowunmi Aloba

Mohbad Children, Child, Son: Does Mohbad Have a Child? Yes, Mohbad had a child, a son.
The name of Mohbad son (Child) is Liam Aloba Eyinmofeoluwa.
Mohbad Son (Child) Pictures

Mohbad Son Age: How old is Mohbad Son? Mohbad Son, Liam, was born on 12th April 2023. He is 5-months old. He turned 5 months old the same day he died.
Photo of Mohbad Carrying His Son, Liam

Omowunmi Aloba Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Nickname: C33why

Real Name: Omowunmi Aloba

Full Name: Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Tribe: Yoruba

Religion: Christian

Height: 5"6 feet tall

Date Of Birth: April 29, 1999

Birthday: 29th April

Age: 24 Years Old (2023)

Occupation: Linguist

Net Worth: $150,000 US Dollars

Marital Status: Married (Widow)

Husband: Mohbad

Boyfriend: Mohbad aka Imole

Baby Daddy: Mohbad (Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba)

Number Of Children: 1

Son: Liam Aloba Eyinmofeoluwa

Instagram: _c33why_

Full Biography Of Mohbad Wife Omowunmi Aloba, Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Son, Husband, Death, Dead, Burial

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Bio Wiki: C33why whose real name is Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba Aka Mohbad's wife and the mother of his son. Omowunmi Aloba is a Linguist.

Omowunmi Aloba, Mohbad wife name on tiktok is @_c33why.

Omowunmi Aloba Education
Omowunmi Aloba is a graduate of Linguistics from the University.

Omowunmi Aloba State Of Origin: Where is Mohbad Wife, Omowunmi Aloba from? Mohbad wife, Omowunmi Aloba is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Omowunmi Aloba (Mohbad Wife) Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: How old is Omowunmi Aloba (Mohbad Wife)? Mohbad wife, Omowunmi Aloba was born on 29 April 1999. She is 24 years old as at 2023.

Omowunmi Aloba Religion: Is Mohbad Wife, Omowunmi Aloba a Muslim or Christian? Omowunmi Aloba (Mohbad Wife) is a a Christian. She is from a christian family, born to Christian parents.

Omowunmi Aloba Height: How tall is Omowunmi Aloba? Mohbad wife, Omowunmi Aloba is 5"6 feet tall.

Omowunmi Aloba Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Omowunmi Aloba was born into a Christian family to her Yoruba parents. Her mother is reportedly a policeman while her father is a businessman. She has other siblings brothers and sisters. She allegedly bought a car - pickup truck for her father.

Mohbad mother-in-law is a said to be a police officer.

Omowunmi Aloba Married, Wedding Pictures, Marriage: Is Omowunmi Aloba Married? Yes, Omowunmi Aloba is legally married to Mohbad with a son called Liam.
Omowunmi Aloba and Mohbad got married a did a traditional wedding with few family and friends in attendance.
Omowunmi Aloba and Mohbad Child, Family Photo

Omowunmi Aloba (Mohbad Wife) Traditional Wedding Picture

Omowunmi Aloba Husband:
Who is Omowunmi Aloba Husband? The name of Omowunmi Aloba Husband is Mohbad. His full name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba. He is late. He died on the 12th of September and was quickly buried.
Omowunmi Aloba Husband, Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Mohbad

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba professionally as MohBad (8 June 1996 – 12 September 2023) was Omowunmi Aloba's husband and Baby Daddy. He was a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter from Lagos. He was formerly signed to Naira Marley's Marlian Records and left the label in 2022.

Omowunmi Aloba Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Mohbad Relationship: Omowunmi Aloba Boyfriend Mohbad. They dated for many years. Later got married, she got pregnant and had a child.
Old Throwback photo of Mohbad and His Girlfriend and Wife, Omowunmi Aloba

Mohbad and Omowunmi Aloba started dating as teenagers. They were together for 10 years.
3 week before he died, Mohbad share picture of his wife, Omowunmi Aloba on his insta story.

"Liam is just five months today ..where do I start from???"

“would only grow to know his father through the internet”

"We had so many plans, two responsibilities have now become one. You were my ride or die, I tried my best to make you stay, Ilerioluwa. I don't wish this type of pain on anyone."

"You made pregnancy so easy for me, you don't play no jokes when it comes to me, this is what you used to pay me back after 10years of been with you, Ilerioluwa joor shanu mii ๐Ÿ˜ญ" - Mohbad's wife Omowunmi mourns him.

Liam (Mohbad Son)

Omowunmi Aloba Children, Child, Son
: Omowunmi Aloba has one child, a son. The name of her Son is Liam. His full name is Liam Aloba Eyinmofeoluwa. He was born on 12th of April 2023. He is 5 Months old as at September 2023, same day his dad, Mohbad died.
Omowunmi Aloba Son, Family Pictures


Omowunmi Mohbad Wife, DNA Test, Cheating Allegations
Mohbad Wife, Omowunmi Aloba, was accused of cheating on her husband, Mohbad. A video of Mohbad allegedly accusing his wife, Omowunmi of cheating on him has been shared on Social Media - Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.

The cheating allegations against Mohbad's wife, Omowunmi Aloba, have made some Nigerians to call for DNA test to be conducted on Mohbad's son to ascertain if Mohbad was the real, biological father of their son Liam or not.

Some even carried the rumour that Sam Larry is the father of Omowunmi Aloba and Mohbad child.

Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku condemned those calling for DNA test on Mohbad's son.

@vwalkernet: "Last conversation of mohbad and his wife.. shey you all see why DNA is needed right? 

#Justice4Mohbad fear women ya.nsh"

"For those that don’t hear yoruba;; Accusing the wife, said if he dies she's responsible
That the cloth he doesn't want to put on she made him wear it (proverb)
That she and her family has been getting away with some of their doings for this is the last time they will"

@GloriBoyz "Mohbad’s wife is aware of what happened to Mohbad, she has a lot of questions to answer. The DNA on that child must be carried out"

Mohbad Wife Vs Her In-Laws, Father-In-Law
Omowunmi Aloba Father In-law (Mohbad Father)

Mohbad wife Omowunmi Aloba and her husband's family, in-laws, father in-law are on running battle.

It had been less than 24 hours after Mohbad’s death and the plans of his family members had raised concern.

Why My Father-in-law Doesn’t Like Me — Mohbad’s Wife

She narrated to court, “I used to have a very good relationship with my father-in-law before the birth of my son, Liam. In fact, I used to invite him to our house on many occasions
“But because Mohbad was angry with him over some of the things he was doing and his refusal to hold our son’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu, he became angry with me, thinking I was the one behind it all.

“So he became my enemy and was not talking to me like before.”

A video of their discussion at the late singer’s burial site left many Nigerians worried for his young wife, Omowunmi.

Omowunmi of Molatsportgist @chubbyMO_ "In Yoruba land, a 27-year-old death is considered 'Oku ofo" but Mohbad's father is granting interviews like Kim-K upandan saying contradicting stuff.

How can you be thinking of inheriting your son's properties at this time.

Even if him wife na "witch", how about your grandson?

"He's the light of our family dat always support me financially"

"He died broke. I'd to collect ajo to bury him"

"All his properties are in his 5-month-old son's name bcos his wife wanted to take over everything" ๐Ÿ™„

"I tried my best to meet Naira but I don't have his contact"

You've the energy to narrate the viral video of him arguing with his wife but said nothing concerning the viral videos of SL and NM bullying him.

I know no one can love a child more than his/her parents but you sir, you FAILED as a father and as a pastor.

RIP Imole ๐Ÿ•Š️"

@Fortifiedofegba countered:
"Na una Dey push false narrative about the man , when did he take loan to bury him , he said he took loan from three places to send him to school but mohbad later dropped out , Davido gave them 2million and they got casket from the money

It seems you don’t understand Yoruba well …. Let me narrate the video for you … (1)The man said every property of Mohbad was bought with his Son (Liam) name and we all know it seems the family of Mohbad aren’t in good relationship with the wife , we don’t know the reason for

that , that’s family issue.. but from my own sense of view , all they are doing is protecting their son so he won’t be used by his wife family (not spiritually oo) .. (2) The man said he always ask Mohbad for money so they can work on that building site where he was buried but

he always said he doesn’t have money , he said the money he used to get the blocks available on the building site before the demise of mohbad was gotten with force from mohbad because he wasn’t willing to do anything on the building site and he even said mohbad told him he

doesn’t have money that the money he used for his child baby shower was from contribution money and he has to return it"

@Browser_Nerd "No responsible father would act like this. It's just 8days since you lost your son for goodness sake, you should still be mourning. 
I wouldn't be surprised if Mohbad had built that house."

OMOWรšNMร OLรšWABรšNMI @pwettyspice: "This man is not in any way a good definition of a Father ๐Ÿคฆ‍♀️"

The family will not show you their true colors until events unfold then u will know the kind of people you have been dealing with...
The only one that can fight Mohbad's wife battle is God.

He is still God."

@Browser_Nerd: "Nothing pain me pass the way Mohbad family take handled the whole issue, right from when he was still alive. 

Ask for a mischievous family and you get Mohbad father and the rest of the family members.

Greedy MF's ๐Ÿ˜ก"

@Adekbolaji "The wife was the one that was protecting him from his family all the while, they couldn’t ‘get him’ through the wife, that is why they want to paint her bad. I will believe the wife even if she’s lying, these people are callous with his wealth as their only aim."

"How many times have we seen this play out? Man dies, family says the wife has a hand in his death as a pretext to take his properties. If Mohbad had died at this stage of his life as in this picture, would they have accused her of anything? Now he’s well to do but the wife is behind it."

@mrbayoa1: "All he’s ever cared about was his son’s property, he never really cared about MohBad that’s why at first the family were going with the narrative of painting MohBad’s wife as his killer so as to put her under pressure to get whatever he have left."

@cbngov_akin1: "Why I will never fault Mohbad Father.

The only person Mohbad did not fault when he was alive was his father.
He indicted his mother.
He indicted his stepmother.
He indicted his wife. 
He indicted his Marlians. 

It was so obvious that Mohbad was not close with his father at least for the past three years.

Come to think of it, Mohbad was raised by his father alone, from Primary, Secondary, and even to Polytechnic, not only that, his father taught him carpentry and music.

But we can say when Mohbad joined the Marlians, he started to have some gaps in his relationship with his father. 

When Mohbad was making money he began getting close to his mother which his Dad did not like, his in-laws were helping him to get some landed property which his father didn't like. 

All these are the reasons which may bring a frosty relationship between the father and the son but that doesn't mean the father wants the son to die. 

Or is there any investor, who invested in his business and at the time of making profit will want his investment to collapse?

Omowunmi Aloba Net Worth: How much is Mohbad Wife net worth? Omowunmi Aloba has a net worth of about $150,000 US Dollars as at 2023.

Omowunmi Aloba House and Cars: Omowunmi Aloba lives in Lagos and drives her own car.

Omowunmi Aloba Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Omowunmi Aloba can be contacted via her Instagram page. Her phone number is unavailable.

Omowunmi Aloba Instagram: Mohbad Wife Omowunmi Aloba Instagram page Account Profile Handle is _c33why_. She currently has 239K followers as at the time of writing this article.


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