Ilebaye Is The Winner Of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) All-Stars 2023 - BayeTribe (Pictures)

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Who Wins Big Brother Naija (BBN) All-Stars 2023? Will Ilebaye Odiniya Win BBNaija (BBN) All Stars Season 2023 - Ilebaye Fans Aka Baye Tribe Speak
who won 2023 big brother naija Reality TV Show?

22-year-old Ilebaye Odiniya is the winner of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) All Stars Season 2023 according to her fans' predictions! Ilebaye will be the youngest BBNaija winner at 22 if she eventually wins the Big Brother Naija All Stars.

As the BBN show comes to an end on Sunday 1st of October 2023, many fans of the show are predicting their favourite as the possible winner of the ₦120 Million Naira cash price.

Ilebaye has a huge fan base called bayetribe. They are everywhere. It's said that "Ilebaye is the only name on everyone's lips in Abuja".

Even on Facebook, Ilebaye is trending with many of her fans saying that Ilebaye Odiniya would beat Mercy Eke and Ceec to win the BBNaija All Stars Season show.

Ilebaye Dreams About Winning The Big Brother Naija All Stars

Ilebaye had a dream where she was in trouble, standing with someone on the stage holding hands. At the end she won a battle and she was declared the winner. Which her fans think is a sign that she's winning the BBN show.

Ilebaye Told Omashola Sholzy About Her 
Victory Dream

Ilebaye to Omashola - I had a dream 

"In my First dream, I was in trouble, but it wasn’t clear enough for me to understand. 

While In the second dream , I won a battle and I was declared the winner at the end, I was standing with someone on the stage, we were holding hands, I can’t remember the persons face, but I was so happy in that dream."

Omashola: "Your second dream was very clear, I can’t say much about that because it might put me in trouble, but all I can tell you right now is to be very careful, try to avoid anything that will put you in trouble."

Recall that Omashola was already watching the BBNaija show from outside and knew that Ilebaye Odiniya had huge fans before he went into the BBNaija house as a house guest. So he knew better.

Margret Kisakye, Miss International Uganda winner posted about Ilebaye BBNaija dream of winning.

TheFamousNaija takes a look at what Ilebaye fans are saying on Facebook and Twitter about her possible victory.

Ben Udechukwu countered a post where ex BBNaija housemate, Erica predicted Ceec as the winner of the BBNaija 2023 All Stars. He wrote: "Illebaye for the prize".

Henry Ofili: "Ilebaye is already the winner 🏆......I hope she used the money well because i did not see her using the money well...But for wining she will definitely win..."

Blings Chyzurum: "Baye is winning this time around".

Emmanuel Desenator Mrnoproblem: "Ilebaye should win the 120m but I love CeeC too".

Florence Ozioma Nwosu Ifeacho: "She will never mention Baye. They are actually underrating her. They are still depending on old glory, it's a pity Sha. Baye, for the win 💪💪💪"

Mazi Gabriel Ijoma: "Ceec fourth position, baye the winner, mercy eke 2nd position, cross 3rd position."

Facebook Blogger and influencer, Maria Ude Nwachi, whose platform chose to support Ilebaye, asked her followers to predict the BBNaija All Stars top 3. She gave hers as,
Ilebaye Winner 🏆
Mercy 1st unner up 👏
CeeC 2nd runner up 🎊
Maria Ude Nwachi

Majority of her followers also predicted Ilebaye as the winner of the Big Brother Naija All Stars 2023.

Ekejiuba Kossy: Winer: ilebaye
first runner up: Cece
2nd Runner up: Cross

Mhizta Iyke Nduji: Winner = Ilebaye
1st runner = CEEC
2nd runner = Adekunle

Nnadozie Bona: Winner -Ilebaye.
1st Runner-Mercy.
2nd Runner-Pere.

Miracle Okeke: Winner  llebaye 
First runner  ceec
Second runner mercy

Oge Onyekwere: Winner..iLebaye
1st runner up...Ceecee
2nd runner up....Mercy

Possible Chucks: Ilebaye winner
Mercy 1st runner
Adekunle 2nd runner

Ify Best: Winner : Ilebaye 
First runner up: Mercy
Second runner: Cee-c

Faith Chinyere Elijah wrote: "I dreamt 2weeks ago. Where Ilebaye was declared the winner of all stars..
I wish her the best."

Mary Akachukwu: Illebaye - winner
CeeC-1st runner up
Pere second runner up

Okodo Gift: Ilebaye winner
First runner up Ceec
2nd rubber up mercy

Desmond: Ilebaye winner
Ceec ist runner up
Mercy 3rd runner up

Lauren Uchenna: Ilebaye winner
Mercy IST runner up
Cross 2nd runner up

Eddy Lawson: Ilebaye- winner
Mercy-first runner
Ceece- second runner

Perpetua Patrick: Ilebaye winner
Mercy 1st runner up
Cee C 2nd runner up

Jennifer Juliet: Winner Ilebayee
1st runner Cece
2nd runner Mercy

Some Twitter Users Also Predict Ilebaye as the Winner Of Big Brother Naija All Stars

@sweetBARBIANAR: When it gets to the point when they start saying a particular housemate is being favoured by production n the show is scripted.Just know they are realising that thehousemate will win.Ilebaye has won already,we just need to icen the cake with votes next week #bbnaijaAllstars


@Purple___TV: Cynthia can hate all she wants, Ilebaye will win, she is feeling it hence the pain and aggression. Just know that Ilebayes tears are very expensive on these streets. 
One tear = 150k IUCs

@AGIYAYEANENT: God of Ilebaye thank you for exposing the plans of the enemies. You reveal to redeem. Ilebaye Odiniya will never get any strike and she will win the show.

They shall plan and their plans will fail.
 God will turn their evil plan around to Favor Ilebaye 🙏 NO ILEBAYE NO CONTENT

@sami_oamen: Why is CeeC so pained….Haaa

Jealousy and bitterness is a killer.

Ilebaye will still win regardless of Ceec’s already failed plans.


Maimunatu Sambo @Memxieyy: All my votes goes to Ilebaye and she we will win this season insha Allah

@GoodnessChiago1: I have officially added "winner" to Baye's name.
What's all these 3times aday winning?
Kogi people please does "ilebaye" or "Odiniya" means winner in your language?
Outside of Ilebaye
Congratulations Ilebaye
Vote Ilebaye 
No Ilebaye no content

@itsjoxxie: Even #BBNaija knows the real reason Ilebaye is loved 

@nelsonazegba: WHO IS ILEBAYE?

She is the star of the allstars 👑
The Queen her self🦋
My winner 🏆
The most matured🧸 
The youngest but softest 🥺
The pepper her self🌶😑
My Ultimate Head of House🩵
The intelligent queen 😩👉
The Queen of baye tribe 
The Gen Z Baddie 🥰
Have I introduced her to you??

@kassyeph: We are Crowning the Queen of the highlight the Winner ILEBAYE‼️

BayeTribe FOR Ilebaye

@sami_oamen: Winner BBnaija All Stars Housemate: Ilebaye.

Handler Of The Year: Ilebaye’s Handler. 

Fan Base Of The Year: Baye Tribe.

…Fact 💯

#ilebaye #BBNaijaAllStars

@Justicewinner1: Congratulations Ilebaye 

Gen Z Bhaddie 🔥🔥🔥

All Star Winner 🏅 

Congratulations team smirn off ice

All we do is win


@kokamessiah: I carry my fire for head oo, I go cook all those quack OG housemates wey dey feel say them sabi but if you check am you go see say nothing fall out for their side.

Ilebaye Head2Head has contributed more in delivering wagers and even won more tasks than them.

@Cecorule: If you are Fan, please drop ❤️ Like for Ilebaye. The youngest and winner of the last #bbnaijaAllstars   HOH game. 
Congratulations Ilebaye!

Celebrities Speak

Whitemoney predicted Ilebaye as the Winner of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija);All Stars Season: his top 5 are,

"Omo Baye get fans oo" - Ike 

Evicted Housemate IKE Onyema after what he has seen out of the house confirms Ilebaye has fans.

Chichi said Mercy, not Ilebaye will win the Big Brother Naija All Stars Season.

@MedicalDoctorBB: Everytime I watch this video I get emotional because ILEBAYE’s story is one of determination and perseverance. From being evicted in week 3 in her season to now being a strong contender and a potential ALL STAR WINNER! Truly remarkable story I must admit🥹🙌🏽💯


TheFamousNaija asks: Do you think that Ilebaye would beat Mercy Eke, Ceec, Adekunle to win the N120 Million Naira Big Brother Naija All Stars Season 2023? Kindly drop your comments.

By Sunday 1st October 2023, we would find out if Ilebaye Odiniya's fans - Bayetribe - are right or wrong!


Who Win Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2023 All Stars Season? Ilebaye Wins Big Brother Naija All Stars (BBN) 2023

22-Year-old Ilebaye Odiniya has won the 2023 Big Brother Naija All Stars Season Reality TV Show. Ilebaye who is now the youngest winner of the BBNaija show at 22 was declared the BBNaija 2023 winner by Ebuka on the 1st of October 2023. Ilebaye got 30.08% to beat Mercy Eke, Cee-C, Adekunle, Pere and Cross. Ilebaye is the winner while Mercy Eke is the First runner up and Ceec second runner up. The three ladies were the last 3 standing - top 3. Ilebaye, the Winner of BBNaija 2023 is from Kogi State.

BBNaija 2023 Number Of Votes: See how viewers voted for:

1. Ilebaye Odiniya: 30.08% (Winner)

2. Mercy Eke 23.48% (1st Runner Up)

3. Cee-C 23.41% (Second Runner Up)

4 Adekunle 12.61%

5 Pere 5.82%

6 Cross 4.60%


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