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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Sugar Ade aka Sugar Beasts Bio, Wikipedia, Real Name, Family, Parents, Girlfriend, House, Cars, Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Siblings, Father, Mother, Height, Weight, State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Nationality, Ethnicity, Education, Songs, Sugar Beast Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Interview, LinkedIn, Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact, Hairstyles, Pictures

History Of Sugar Ade: Everything To Know About Sugar Beast (Musical Artist) Profile Bio, Wiki, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Origin, Nationality, Country, Ethnicity, Tribe, Relationship

Who Is Sugar Ade (Sugar Beast)?

Biography Wikipedia: Sugar Beast whose real name is Sugar Ade (born 25 April) is a Nigerian-Ghanaian entertainer, musical artist, content creator, motivational speaker, comedian and MC. He is popularly known for his 'Monday Morning Motivation'.

His net worth is about $1 million US Dollars, estimated at about ₦‎700,000,000 Naira as at 2023.

Sugar Beasts aka Sugar Ade is Ghanaian - Nigerian born plus-sized comedian, singer, Digital content creator, Entertainer, Host/MC, Hypeman and Social Media Consultant.

Sugar Ade is popularly known as Sugar Beasts aka Sugar Daddy. His weight, height, flexibility and dance moves, despite how fat he is, are qualities that stand him out.

Sugar Ade Beasts was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He has Nigerian and Ghanaian roots. He is of Yoruba tribe and also one of the tribes in Ghana.

Sugar Beast Ade is from Nigeria and Volta Region, Ghana. He was born into a Christian Yoruba tribe family in Lagos to his parents, Mr and Mrs Ade who are Nigeria-Ghanaian.

His Parents live in Nigeria and Ghana but he lives currently lives in the United States of America.
Photo of Sugar Ade Beasts Mother 

Sugar Ade Beasts is not married as at 2023. He has no wife or child but he has a girlfriend he is a relationship with.

Sugar Beasts Ade Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Stage Name: Sugar Beast

Nickname: Sugar Daddy aka Monday Morning Motivation

Real Name: Sugar Ade

Gender: Male

Nationality: Nigerian - Ghanaian

Tribe: Yoruba

Home Town: Volta Region

Religion: Christian

Date Of Birth: 25 April

Birthday: 25th April

Height: 5"9 Feet Tall

Weight: 100kg (220 lbs)

Career, Occupation: Entertainer, Musician, Comedian, Motivational Speaker, Dance Artist

Net Worth: $1 Million US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ade

Marital Status: Single

Spouse, Wife: Single

Girlfriend: N/A

Children: 0

Instagram: sugar_beasts

YouTube Channel: Sugar Beasts

Phone Number, Contact Email: [email protected]

Sugar Beasts Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Occupation, Career, Life History, Childhood Story, Music Career, Interview, Lifestyles, Relationship, Family, Parents, Country Of Origin
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Bio Wiki: Sugar Beasts is a Nigerian-Ghanaian singer, motivational speaker, comedian, MC, event host whose real name is Sugar Ade.

Sugar Beast is into Entertainment, Music, Comedy, Motivational Speaking, Dancing. He is a Dance Artist.

Sugar Ade aka Sugar Beasts started his career as a motivational speaker with his 'Monday Morning Motivation' which has since gone viral and motivated a lot of people across the world.

He dances well with flexibility despite being fat or overweight which amases his fans.
Sugar Ade Beasts and Davido

Sugar Ade Beast and Senator Ademola Adeleke

Sugar Beast Songs: List of Sugar Beasts (Sugar Ade) songs include;

Ji Masun · 2021
Promise · 2022
La Vida Loca · 2021

Sugar Beast Ji Masun Music Video

Ji Masun - 2021 Single (feat. Chinko Ekun & Lamii)

La Vida Loca - Single (feat. Eddy Baba, Lamii)

Promise - Single (feat. Eddy Baba & Kweku AFro
Sugar Ade Beast Interview

Sugar Beasts (Sugar Ade) Education
Sugar Ade Beast had his basic, primary and secondary school education in Lagos, Nigeria.

He later attended college in the United States of America where he currently resides.

Sugar Beasts - Sugar Ade Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Sugar Beast Ade from? Sugar Beasts Ade is a Nigerian and a Ghanaian. He is half Ghanaian - half Nigerian.  But he was born in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Sugar Beasts, Sugar Ade State Of Origin, Tribe, Hometown: Where is Sugar Ade from? Sugar Ade (Beast) is from the South West part of Nigeria. He is Yoruba by tribe.

In Ghana, Sugar Ade Beasts hails from the Volta Region.

Sugar Ade Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Sugar Ade Beasts? Sugar Ade Beast was on 25 April 1990s.

Sugar Ade Sugar Beasts Height and Weight: How tall is Sugar Ade Beast? Sugar Beasts Ade is about 5"9 Feet Tall and his weight is about 220lbs.

Sugar Ade Sugar Beasts Sexuality: Is Sugar Ade A Gay? No! Sugar Ade Beasts is not gay. He is straight and has girlfriends he is dating.

Sugar Ade Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Sugar Beasts Sugar Ade was born into a Christian Yoruba family. His parents are Mr and Mrs Ade. One of his parents is from Nigeria while the other is from Ghana - Volta Region.

Sugar Ade Beasts often celebrates his mother on her birthday.
Sugar Ade Mother

Sugar Beasts and His Mother

He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Sugar Ade Sugar Beasts Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Sugar Ade Beast Married? No, Sugar Ade Beasts is not yet married. He is single but in a relationship.

Sugar Ade Wife
: Who is Sugar Ade Beasts Wife? Sugar Beasts Ade is does not have a wife yet and has not revealed who his fianceé or wife to be is as he is not engaged.

Sugar Ade Girlfriend: Who is Sugar Beasts Ade Girlfriend? Sugar Ade Beast loves women and has been spotted with several girls but he has not revealed who is his real girlfriend.
Sugar Ade Beasts and Maria Mobil

Sugar Ade Beast Children, Son, Daughter: No, Sugar Ade doesn't have a child yet or Baby Mama.

Sugar Beast Net Worth: Sugar Ade Net Worth
Sugar Ade Beasts net worth is about $1 million US Dollars, estimated at about ₦‎700,000,000 in Naira as at 2023.

Ade Sugar Beasts Net Worth, Cars

Sugar Ade Beasts House and Cars: Sugars Beast Ade lives in the United States of America and drives nice cars. 

His family, father, mother, siblings brother and sister live back in Nigeria, Ghana.

Sugar Ade Beasts Instagram page Account Profile Handle: Sugar Beasts Ade Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

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