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History Of VJ Adams (Ibrahim Adebola): Everything To Know About VJ Adams Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Bimbo Ademoye Relationship, Marriage, Children, Family, Parents, Wedding Pictures

Who is VJ Adams?

Biography Wikipedia: VJ Adams whose real name is Adams Ibrahim Adebola (born 5 May 1988) is a Nigerian video jockey, television personality, entrepreneur, singer, actor and executive producer. His net worth is about $400,000 US Dollars, estimated at about ₦‎280,000,000 Million Naira as at 2023.

VJ Adams full name is Adams Ibrahim Adebola. He is Yoruba tribe and originally hails from Ogun State but was born in Ejigbo, a town in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is a Christian by religion.
Adams Ibrahim Adebola (VJ Adams Real Name)

VJ Adams was born on 5 May 1988. He is 35 years old as at 2023. He celebrates his 35th birthday on 5th May 2023.

VJ Adams was was born into the royal family of Oba Adetoye in Ejigbo, Lagos.
His parents are Mr and Mrs Adebola. He is close to his mother and father. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

VJ Adams is currently single, not married and has no wife or children yet. But he is now in a relationship with Bimbo Ademoye, a beautiful Nollywood actress. VJ Adams and Bimbo Ademoye are engaged and will soon get married.

Details about his relationship, VJ Adams has been linked to 3 ladies whose names are Juliet Ibrahim, Bimbo Ademoye and Kiekie.

VJ Adams Profile Bio Wiki Facts

Stage Name: VJ Adams

Full Name: Adams Ibrahim Adebola

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Ogun State

Place Of Birth: Ejigbo, Lagos State

Date Of Birth: 5 May 1988

Birthday: 5th May

Age: 35 Years Old (2023)

Height: 5"7 feet tall

Religion: Muslim

Occupation, Career: video jockey, TV Personality, Singer, Actor, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $400,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦‎280,000,000 Million Naira

Parents: Mr and Mrs Adebola

Marital Status: Single

Wife: N/A

Girlfriend: Bimbo Ademoye

Fianceé: Bimbo Ademoye

Children, Child: 0

Education: University of Lagos (Civil Engineering)

Phone Number: +234 818 096 9984

Full Biography Of VJ Adams, Career, Life History, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Wife, Engagement, Fianceé, Wedding, Marriage, Relationship
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Where is VJ Adams from?

Where does VJ Adams work?

Bio Wiki: VJ Adams is a is a 35 year old Nigerian musician, video jockey, actor, television presenter, entrepreneur, and executive producer who is from Ogun State and was born on 5 May 1988.

VJ Adams whose full name is Adams Ibrahim Adebola came into the limelight after he contested at the 2008 edition of Next Movie Star West Africa.

VJ Adams is a presenter on Soundcity TV, a Nigerian music channel based in Lagos. He co-anchored the red carpet at the 8th Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) alongside Nollywood actress, Alex Okoroji. He also co-anchored 2014 edition of the City People Entertainment Awards ceremony in Lagos.

At the age of 15 to 16 years old, VJ Adams started to run a game centre in his parents' house in Lagos.

VJ Adams Education
VJ Adams has a diploma in civil engineering from the University of Lagos (UNILAG). He also did a certified broadcast short course with the British Broadcasting Corporation in Nigeria.

VJ Adams Nationality, Country Of Origin: VJ Adams is from Nigeria. He is a Nigerian from the South West part of the country.

VJ Adams State Of Origin: Where is VJ Adams from? VJ Adams is from Ogun State, Nigeria. But he was born in Lagos State.

VJ Adams Tribe: What tribe is VJ Adams? VJ Adams is Yoruba by tribe.

VJ Adams Religion: Is VJ Adams a Christian or Muslim? VJ Adams is a Muslim.
VJ Adams face

VJ Adams Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was VJ Adams born? VJ Adams was born on 5 May 1988. He celebrates his 35th birthday on 5th May 2023.

VJ Adams Age: How old is VJ Adams? VJ Adams is 35 years old as at 2023. He turns 35 on 5 May 2023.

VJ Adams Height: How tall is VJ Adams? VJ Adams is 5"7 feet tall.

Pictures of VJ Adams standing tall

VJ Adams Sexuality, Gay or Straight: Is VJ Adams Gay? No, VJ Adams is not a Gay. He is straight with girlfriends who are his lovers.

VJ Adams Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: VJ Adams was born into a Yoruba family, to his parents Mr and Mrs Adebola. His father brought him up to be a responsible man while he loves his mother so much and calls himself a proud mummy’s boy.

VJ Adams has revealed that he would continue to identify as a proud mummy’s boy because he believes his mother would make sacrifices for him that no other woman would.

VJ Adams has other siblings brothers and sisters whose names are not available.

VJ Adams Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is VJ Adams married? No, VJ Adams is not yet married in real life. He is still single as at 2023.

VJ Adams and Juliet Ibrahim Wedding Pictures

But, VJ Adams got married to Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim through a white wedding photoshoot. Not real marriage.

VJ Adams Wife: Who is VJ Adams Wife, Name, Pictures? The name of VJ Adams wife to be is Bimbo Ademoye. She is a 32 year old Nigerian born Yoruba - Nollywood star actress. She is beautiful.
VJ Adams And Bimbo Ademoye

But, VJ Adams is currently not married as at 2023. He is single.

VJ Adams Children, Son, Daughter: Does VJ Adams have a child? No, VJ Adams does not have a child, son or daughter yet.

VJ Adams Girlfriend: Who is VJ Adams Girlfriend, Name, Pictures? The name of VJ Adams girlfriend is Bimbo Ademoye. She is a beautiful Yoruba born Nollywood star actress who has featured in many movies.

VJ Adams And Bimbo Ademoye Relationship:
VJ Adams Bimbo Ademoye

Is VJ Adams Dating Bimbo Ademoye? Yes, Bimbo Ademoye and VJ Adams are in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.
While VJ Adams is 35 years old, Bimbo Ademoye is 32 years old as at 2023.

Media personality, VJ Adams and actress Bimbo Ademoye have gone public with their romantic relationship after months.

VJ Adams shared a video from the surprise birthday party he organized for Bimbo. The actress expressed shock as she stepped into the well-decorated room which also had rose petals arranged in the form of love.

Friends and family who had been in hiding all stormed out of a different part of the room with joyful screams of “happy birthday”.

Bimbo was completely speechless for a moment before she caught her breath and exchanged pleasantries with everyone present.

VJ captioned the video on his Instagram page;

"I know how much Family means to you… Happy birthday Queen intimate pre birthday"

VJ Adams Engaged, Engagement, Fianceé: Is VJ Adams engaged? VJ Adams is reportedly engaged to be married to Bimbo Ademoye but he has not confirmed the engagement. He only announced their love and relationship by making it public.

VJ Adams Net Worth: VJ Adams has a net worth of about $400,000 US Dollars which is estimated at ₦‎280,000,000 Million in Naira in 2023.

VJ Adams House and Cars: VJ Adams lives in Lagos and drives nice car.
Photos of VJ Adams car

VJ Adams Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact:
+234 818 096 9984, [email protected].

VJ Adams Instagram: VJ Adams Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 

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